April 16, 2009

serial blogger

I have come across the term serial blogger through a blogger friend who has multiple blogs and it is worthwhile to note that she earns from most of her blogs. I currently have two blogs, but I rarely update my medical transcription blog :( Now I'm thinking of getting my own domain to start another blog about food and recipes. Jacque, Con and I were just talking about our passions and I think cooking is really one of my passions, (aside from being a good mom to Joaqui and a loving wife to Jefff...hehehe), and I would love to share my recipes and the dishes that I prepare. I don't cook too often, but I always find the time in my hectic schedule to cook food that our whole family enjoys. I don't think I can be a serial blogger, but I do want to have blogs which at least I could regularly update.     


Chris said...

hello jeng! i have an award for you at http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/04/blogger-friendship-award.html

"Q" said...

Hi Jeng. I can relate. Right now I have three blogs but I am not earning from them. I just love to blog and learn from fellow bloggers. It's been quite an experience, and sometimes yun lang I don't get to update all of them regularly.