April 1, 2009

Joaqui on milk strike

It has been three days now since Joaqui went on milk strike. It's what I call his sudden loss of gusto for milk and it really caught us by surprise. He had gastroenteritis last Friday and since then, he did not ask for milk as much as he used to. His pediatrician said that the cause of his gastroenteritis is not his current brand of milk which is Gain Plus in chocoloate flavor. Everytime we ask him if he likes milk, he would say "ayaw! ayaw!." He would drink other chocolate milk drink, but other than that he just wants water. He eats solid foods regularly and lately has been asking for things like pizza, chicken joy or shanghai. It's a difficult phase for us because we don't want to wean him from milk this early. I wish that he would go back to drinking milk even at least before he sleeps.

We are going back to his pediatrician next Monday after he finishes his antibiotics and I will discuss this milk strike with him. I have learned that some children wean from milk on their own, like our laundry woman's granddaughter. She is just turning 2 this April, but she does not drink milk anymore, just on an occasional basis. She would drink Milo, but not her usual milk. We will keep on trying to give him milk. Hubby is thinking of mixing it with Chuckie or Magnolia Chocolait. We will see if it works. For now, Joaqui is just on milk strike - and I don't like it.

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Chris said...

my daughter when she was around 1+ also went on a milk strike.. but after a week or so, she began drinking milk again... we just kept offering her.. maybe in small quantities.

as for my son, he also underwent the same phase.. we gave him milk on a different cup, one with his favorite characters on it, and he drank it again.. though it took a couple of weeks too...

hope this helps a bit.