April 15, 2009

being single and a parent

I have been thinking of personally training one of my cousins to become a medical transcriptionist because she is a single parent and she badly needed a job that would not take her much away from her son. If she becomes a home-based medical transcriptionist, then she can work while staying at home. Fortunately, she was accepted as a call center agent and this will give her an opportunity to save some money to buy a computer and other equipment that she will need if she should decide to become a medical transcriptionist.

From what I can see, being a single parent is tough and support from family and friends is of great help. I think that support from people of the same situation is also beneficial, like joining in a single parent chat room where single parents can chat, share experiences and probably meet and become friends. It is also an opportunity to get ideas on what other single parents do to provide for their family financially. Facing the challenges of being a parent is difficult enough, what more of single handedly playing both mother and father to a child. Chat rooms specifically for single moms and dads can bridge the outside support needed and hence, can be a place of solitude for those who want someone to talk to.

A chat room that is a safe place for support and advice, building lasting friendships through the internet is possible. Just by sharing each other's everyday experiences can lift up one's mood and eventually one's self-esteem that others are also doing their best to take care of a family even as a single parent.

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