April 25, 2009

bedazzled with Las Vegas

A friend of mine is inviting us at Club Mwah, which is an entertainment theater and bar that boasts of extravagant and lavish interiors and shows that feature outstanding artists in various fields of the entertainment industry. I have heard about Club Mwah, but I have never actually been there. It is said that Club Mwah has become a favorite night spot of party goers and socialite clubbers and has been accredited by the Department of Tourism as a Tourist Entertainment Club.

May expats and tourists watch the show as it gives them a taste of Las Vegas with the world class entertainment they experience here. If people here cannot afford to buy tickets to Las Vegas shows, then Club Mwah is the next best thing to Las Vegas. I visited the website and was impressed on what I see, and I couldn't wait for a real experience with the club's interior and show.

This only shows how talented the Filipinos really are and how we can portray a world class entertainment, as seen on the club's performers in elaborate costumes and rich makeup. This also gives a chance to the displaced overseas performing artists to perform here as they take on their terpsichorean talent.   

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