April 24, 2009

wicked caller

I have read that if you have young children and you want to instill in them a love for reading, there are countless types of reading materials that you can introduce to your child based on their age and topics of interest. While books provide children the reading skills they need, educational magazines for children are a good choice for parents interested in educational growth of their kids.

I was on the phone with my cousin and she was telling me about her daughter who likes to read, especially a kid's magazine and so I decided to give her a kids magazine subscription as a birthday gift. She also told me about the same experience I have had with a prank caller, stating that I have won a lifetime insurance package and all I need to do is go to their office and claim it. I told the person that I'm not interested and I already have an insurance, but she still keeps blabbing about it and totally ignoring me. I got really annoyed and how I wish that I can report callers like that so that I can expose them to other people and avoid being a victim.

The caller ID system would help to identify the phone number, but they can use other  phone numbers the next time, so a website with a familiar wiki system that lets you post information on a certain phone number is quite useful. If we only have it here, but it's only available in the U.S. Well I guess the people there need it more. ; ) 


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