April 14, 2009

an easy move

Since times are hard these days, I've mentioned to hubby my thoughts about moving to the province since we can save much on our day-to-day costs such as food, electricity, transportation, etc. It is a feasible idea for us if, like me, hubby works home based. I can easily move from one place to another as long as there is electricity and internet connection, but since hubby has to supervise their company's production, it would be too difficult for him.

I also learned that some of my friends from Fort Worth, Texas are also considering a move to another city or county where properties have lower mortgages. And since a lot of Americans have been moving from one city to another, like one in four people move every year, there are many moving companies that are offering their services.

Stressful as it already is, moving to and from Fort Worth, Texas can be an easier process if you can find reliable Forth Worth Movers such as the Easy Moving Company. According to their website, they have been in business since 2001 and have expanded to be holding offices in Dallas, Houston and Austin. These movers are not only efficient, but are also considerate of timeline and budget. Their services includes free estimates and guaranteed written quotes, box packing service and free box use for local moves. Finding a reputable moving company can lessen the anxieties if we are assured that our belongings will be deliverd safely.

The internet contains numerous moving company websites which lists all the services they offer, but by simply asking people you know and getting recommendations for a trustworthy moving company, you can choose the one that can cater to your needs and your specific type of move.

Moving can be exciting - a new home, a new job, or a new community - and also be sad at the same time - leaving friends and family and a familiar neighborhood. However, we are all but strangers and pilgrims just passing through, on the way to our true home and just like most of us, we find the courage and the determination to start anew - where ever that might be.

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