June 30, 2009

digital cameras for sale

I have checked my paypal account today and I am really happy because I think I will be able to buy this Nikon D90 12.3 megapixel SLR digital camera body for hubby as a Christmas gift. It is never too early for me to shop for Christmas gifts. There are so many digital cameras for sale, but this one is really something because it has one-button live view and DMovie mode, which hubby would really like. He can now record 720p HD movie clips from this camera that will also allow him to interchange SLR lens. This is so cool!

While looking at this, I also found other digital cameras for sale that are actually selling at a lower price, like the Panasonic Lumix DMCLZ8K, Nikon Coolpix S52C digital camera, and Canon PowerShot SXIOIS. Digital cameras have changed from a luxurious item to a common gadget that most people will need over the past few years. The price has dropped and the quality of the point-and-shoot camera has increased markedly.

Although the device has become a commonly used gadget, it is not uncommon to see that a lot of people are getting confused about what to look for when buying a digital camera. Of course, one should look at the published information before buying and choose the one that fits your location and budget. As with any thing that you will buy, beware of false information that can be misleading and can end you up buying a product that falls short of the manufacturer's standard.

too much attachment?

As I write this post, I am currently working in an office cubicle from my previous office. I have been working from home since last year and the temporary change is brought about by a need to change my routine and my son's too much attachment to mommy. I am not an overprotective parent and I believe that my child should learn to explore the world around him, and I encourage him to be with other children as much as possible. Lately I have noticed that Joaqui does not want to play with anyone except mommy. When he goes outside for a walk with his nanny, he would cry mommy, mommy after just going out of the door. His current nanny and the previous one have noticed though that when we (my husband and I) are not around, he is more well behaved. He asks for us, but does not go into tantrums as much as when I am around.
As much as I am a believer of attachment parenting, this temporary change will still hope to strive to maintain a healthy, secure attachment with my child. But I sure do miss him and I can't wait to go home already. ; )

For those work-at-home moms out there, has this happened to you and your child? I would really appreciate any input you have on this.

June 26, 2009

shifting gear

It's really interesting how people shift careers, sometimes really far out from what they have studied. I had a chance to chat with some of my batch mates in college and a lot of us are non-practicing physical therapists. I for one is in medical transcription, others in pharmaceuticals, education and insurance companies. The one career shift my former classmate made was being a Miami general contractor. I wasn't quite expecting it from him since he was really a good student before. I thought that when he went to the States, he will pursue a doctorate in physical therapy.

I asked him why he had chosen this field and he said that when he came to the U.S., he got interested in custom home remodeling and from there, it had awakened a passion in architectural drawings and carpentry. He says that being a general contractor puts him in charge of architectural, engineering and construction services. Of course, he made further studies to be able to deliver the best service his company has to offer. He looked really happy telling me stories of how he started, the sacrifices he had to make and now fulfilling his dreams.

I wish I could be more like him in being brave enough to pursue my passion. I wanted someday to have my own catering business. I love to cook and I believe this is one of my passions. I have yet to enrol in a culinary school one day and study the ins and outs of a catering business, but I do hope that someday I will be able to tell my own story of how I started and be able to fulfill my dreams.

Mommy Moments - School Days

Our Joaqui does not go to school yet, so I'm posting here pictures from his Gymboree Gymplay Class when he was about 15 to 18 months. When we first enrolled him, his schedule was every Sunday and so he seldom has classmates, like the first class he had. He had the gymplay area all by himself. : )

Although he does not go to Gymboree anymore, he still remembers this pushing the airlog activity. He even knows the song until now. This was his favorite.


He was not going through tunnels at first because he was afraid to go inside one, especially the long narrow tunnels. Eventually he was able to go through them.

This was Teacher Marc singing the welcome song.

Sadly after about two and a half months, Joaqui got restless with Gymboree so he stopped going there. For now he still has mommy as his teacher, but come July (or August for the other school) hopefully he will be able to go to a playschool near our area.

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June 25, 2009

the light of HS code

Have you sometimes ever wondered how multinational businesses coordinate their offices or how certain products are delivered across the world? I do and for someone like me who has no background knowledge on business, I think there should be a book on "Business for Dummies" like me. But looking it up on the internet, one thing about this big businesses come up and that is the harmonized codes.

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System or HS of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers for classifying traded products developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization. Individual countries may extend a Harmonized System number to eight or ten digits for customs purposes, and eight or ten digits for export purposes.

For importers and exporters, a commodity code classification engine is of utmost value in hs tariff classifications to manage risks and costs associated with customs compliance. If you are an exporter or an importer and you need an instant accurate classification tool for hts code lookup, the technology is available that intelligently interprets products descriptions and drives the HS classification process to completion, while other technology available lets you perform large-scale post-entry audits of commodity classifications.

Knowing about this HS codes makes me look at my favorite chocolate bar in a different perspective, and sheds light to the business aspect of a simple everyday commodity.

Thursday Thirteen - WOW Philippines

The Philippines constitutes an archipelago of 7,107 islands, but is divided into three large island groups, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The country provides a high environment of natural resources in areas such as agriculture, nature, and minerals. The Philippines has a coastline twice the length of that of the United States, where in the Philippines can claim to be Asia's Beach Capital. The diversity of our culture and heritage makes one's visit to the Philippines more than the usual. Here are my Thursday 13 list of why you should experience the 7,107 islands.

1. Festivals
2. Shopping
3. Filipino cuisine.
4. Our warm smile.
5. Glorious sunsets.
6. Our heritage.
7. Snorkeling

8. Diving
9. Flora

10. Rare and Exotic Fauna
11. Marine Life
12. Wildlife

13. Beaches

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road mishap

It was unfortunate that my brother had a motor vehicle accident the other day wherein a motorcycle hit him on the driver's side. It happened when my brother was turning left when suddenly this motorcycle came from nowhere and apparently was trying to cut in. The impact was quite hard because it had left a deep dent on the door that he was not able to open it. If there is any consolation though, no one was seriously hurt.

The damage was unsightly and it will be unsafe for him to drive the car at all. His insurance company had suggested a specific repair shop, which according to them is one of the best in the area and is affiliated with a Los Angeles Auto Body repair shop. The necessary repairs are currently being completed and much to our relief, the door does not need to be replaced. We have yet to see the new paint job though, but at this point my brother is quite satisfied with their technical expertise.

Motorcycle accidents are becoming apparent in the roads nowadays wherein 2,092 accidents were reported, of which 51 had fatalities, in the first five months of the year alone. It is a fact that they have the right to use the road, but they have to be careful too. Swerving, driving on the curb and sidewalks, and basically ignoring lane partitions are what causes a rise in the incidence of road mishaps involving two-wheeled transport. If these motorists will follow traffic rules and regulations, then the number of accidents will not reach such a worrisome level.

June 24, 2009

Mexican craving

I've been craving for Mexican food these days, and hubby promised me that we will try the new TexMex restaurant we have seen in the newspaper when we have a chance to go out on Saturday. We really like Mexican food, although I go easy on the chili and spices because my tolerance for spicy food is quite low. I wondered what Mexican food suits me and got this for an answer.

You Are Chips and Salsa

You are energetic and a real go getter. You can even be aggressive at times.

You love taking risks and taking the rewards. You are a true daredevil.

You can be a bit greedy in life, and you go after what you want.

You are courageous and edgy. You will do what others are afraid of.

the zen of decluttering

Decluttering the home and organizing is a big project especially if you have too much stuff and clutter. Decluttering is getting rid of all the things you don't need, don't like, don't use and don't want, and keeping those you love, and use, and need. There are a lot of good reasons for decluttering, like creating space, making the home seem bigger, and reducing maintenance cost and time.

If decluttering seems too stressful, declutter just a few items every day, and things will start to change. And if you want to clear the clutter from your home without giving away your treasured belongings, then Self Storage might be just the one that you need. There are a lot of self storage facilities out there, but finding the one that emphasizes on friendly professional managers and commitment to clean, secure and convenient self storage facilities distinguishes one from the others.

Locating a self storage facility is not too difficult. In fact, there are self storage solutions across the United States, such as Self Storage Facilities Phoenix AZ or Storage Rentals Phoenix AZ. So if you find yourself in a middle of chaos on your things at home, begin a process of positive change, lift your spirits and declutter. After starting to declutter, you will find that your home is more peaceful and welcoming, it is easier to maintain, and you feel calmer, less stressed and most probably more energetic.

ABC fun

Since Joaqui is not yet enrolled in a preschool, I try to come up with fun and educational activities we can do at home. Aside from simple arts and crafts, role-play games and outdoor activities, I have also used the computer and the internet as a teaching tool. One of the many websites that he enjoys is the ABC alphabet and phonemic awareness practice from www.starfall.com. Starfall's ABC section teaches letter-sound relationships by providing a kid-friendly navigation system that explicitly focuses on each letter of the alphabet. It's really a fun way to teach ABC to toddlers and preschoolers.

June 23, 2009

home inspection service - the inner workings

A very good friend of mine working as a nurse in the U.S. asked for my help in finding her a house here in Manila. Although her whole family is now in California, she still comes here about twice a year and most often stays with a friend, so she thought of buying a house of her own. As much as I would like to help her, it's very time consuming to look for a house that she likes. She asked me if there is a home inspection service available here. I have never heard of one, but she told me to check Denver Home Inspection to give me an idea.

A home inspection service can provice an invaluable information on a prospective home. They can check many details in a potential home such as concealed wiring and plumbing, shingles on the roof and built-in appliances in the kitchen. They will then provide a detailed report with a brief description once the inspector is done with the house. This will give the home buyer a chance to renegotiate with the current homeowner if prolematic areas are identified, and eventually can save the home buyer from hidden expenses.

This is a service that is necessary for any home purchase, but I don't think we have it here. But I guess reading and learning what a home inspection service is all about, I am more aware of what we should be on a look out for when checking on a potential house that my friend may want to buy. I know that purchasing a home is a major investment and as a friend, I will be there to help her make the right choices.

creative mom blogger

I am a Creative Mom Blogger! Thank you to Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts and Genebei of Her and History who thought of me as one of the recipients of this award. This is specially created for mom bloggers who inspire and having the qualities of being a creative mom blogger. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. : )

June 20, 2009

emerging winner

On the recently concluded Inaugural Women's World 10 Ball Championships, an unexpected winner emerged, Rubilen Amit from the Philippines. She did beat Jeanette "Black Widow" Lee after a heart-pounding race. This is a truly proud moment for the Philippines as the whole country was behind her, and the hometown favorite won.

I wonder how a woman like her got into billiards. I know how to play the sport, but I only get to practice the skills I have through the multiplayer games,8c1.net.http://www.8c1.net, which is a free online billiard game. What is actually cool about this is that I can create my own group and play with my friends worldwide in my own room.

Where ever there is a billiard table, this win by Rubilen Amit will inspire many new talents and hopefully a Filipino will once again emerge as a winner in these international billiards events.

June 19, 2009

Mommy Moments - That's My Dad!

Hubby's looks can be intimidating at times because most people would perceive him as serious or stern, but he is a funny guy and a fun Dad, too. No matter how tired he is from office work, he would play with Joaqui when he gets home. When Joaqui was born, he was the one who took care of him (because I had a C-section), changing diapers, preparing milk, and singing him lullaby. I am thankful because he is a caring and loving father whom Joaqui can always count on and look up to.

Happy Father's Day Daddy! We love you very much!

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June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Transcription Bloopers

Header courtesy of Samulli

As a medical transcriptionist and medical transcription editor, I encounter transcripts that provide the unexpected comic relief to an otherwise routine day for me. Who says that my job is no fun?!

1. The patient is complaining of grumpy (crampy) legs...

2. Diagnosis: Grumpy feet (crampy feet). - Yeah, it's the opposite of Happy Feet ; )

3. Her previous provider had suggested that she get a lover biopsy (liver biopsy). - Oh no!

4. Otherwise we are going to have to stick him with noodles (needles) because he is going to have to go on the insulin. - Maybe the transcriptionist was hungry!

5. We are going to take him off the sugared soda and increase his olive oil (Amaryl) to 4 mg. - That would really help!

6. The disc osteophyte complex was removed in its entirety, in a piece of the old fashion (in a piecemeal fashion).

7. He complains of numbness and tingling in his right upper extremities (upper extremity).

8. Cultures were negative for orgasms (organisms). - How did they know?

9. He lives alone and cooks himself (for himself). - And that's why the patient ended up in the hospital....; )

10. The patient has pain off and on, lasting only a fracture (fraction) of a second.

11. Examination of the genitalia reveals that he is circus sized (circumcised). Wooo-hooh!

12. The patient was alert and unresponsive (responsive). - And the transcriptionist is confused.

13. The patient's voice is horse (hoarse).

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June 16, 2009

coping with blogger's block

This blog temporarily suffered one. It was awful. I really couldn't let myself write anything. My brain was a clutter of thoughts and Farm Town in Facebook is occupying most of it. So now I have searched the web for some useful tips in battling blogger's block, in case it happens to me again, and here are some:

1. Change your blogging environment. Getting away from the computer and blog can definitely help, but so can blogging from a new location.

2. Keep an idea journal. Idea journals are great in the short term as they are great for recording those impulsive ideas that flow through the mind all day everyday and for creating to do lists for immediate action.

3. Lower your standards. Don't start a post by worrying about being perfect, insightful, original or even grammatically correct. Good writing, like good design, is a process of iteration and editing.

4. Read what other bloggers are saying. One of the srengths of blogging as a medium is the way bloggers interact with one another and build upon each other's ideas.

a. Build on the work of others. Look for inspiration for a new post in what other bloggers are writing about in your niche.
b. Look for the gaps in conversation. It's good to join a conversation, but look for gaps in conversations also and you might just find yourself starting a whole new line of thought.
c. Look outside your niche.
d. Read other bloggers archive. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge locked away in the archives of some of your favorite blogs. Spend some time scanning them and you'll probably find ideas that you could bounce off with some posts of your own.
e. Credit where credit is due. Be generous with giving credit to the bloggers who inspire your thoughts.

5. Stimulate your mind. The saying of "what goes in comes out" is true and what you put into your mind has a direct impact upon what comes out of it.

Now I'm looking into a fresh direction and hopefully can be blog worthy again. ; )

You can read more about blogger's block here.

June 11, 2009

moving out

I only moved twice but I still think that moving is one of the most stressful events of all and one advice is essential - be prepared. Moving your family and your household is never an easy undertaking and failing to prepare a few key items in advance can make it even worse. So is there an answer to a stress-free move?

Yes, by hiring a professonal moving company who will be able to help you with the details and actual mechanics of transporting your belongings. Why take the toll of all the tasks yourself when you can leave the packing, loading, transportation and unloading to the experienced experts such as a reliable local mover? And the best thing about hiring a moving company is that they are in charge of the packing and transportation process, and the movers will ensure that your belongings are unloaded at your new home in the same condition they left your old home in.

So after you have decided on a moving date, call in the professionals. Just take note that some moving companies are better than others, like Houston Movers, so choose the one that is a completely trustworthy company with a solid reputation for quality service.

Moving entails you to deal with a lot of things. Let the the professionals handle the challenges of relocation, and start moving on.

God whispers

Dear Jennniffer,

Paths? There are a million in front of you.
Purpose? Just one.
So be flexible with Paths.
But unflinching with Purpose.

I believe you,

P.S. Be committed to your Purpose. Enormous joy and immeasurable blessings await those who are faithful to their purpose.

Thursday Thirteen - Weddings

June is upon us once again and that means it is wedding season. Historically, some married in the month of June to honor Juno, the roman goddess of marriage. Brides in the 15th century chose to marry in June because it coincided with their "annual bath." Centuries later, June has remained the most popular month to wed. I am not a June bride, but in celebration of the season, I have listed 13 memorable moments from my wedding.

1. My wedding gown. I was not expecting that it would turn out to be so beautiful and I felt I was the most beautiful woman on my wedding day. ; )

2. Our first dance as a married couple. There were no words to describe how I felt.

3. The ceremony. It was sweet and solemn.

4. All of our friends were there with us to celebrate and we all had fun during the reception.

5. I remember my mother-in-law crying because she misses my father-in-law who died a year before our wedding, but also she had tears because of happiness.

6. Our post-ceremony pictorial. Hubby and I had fun goofing around.

7. Halo-Halo Bar. Halo-Halo is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold in a tall glass or bowl.

8. Games during the reception. Almost everyone participated and had fun.

9. Our wedding was well attended by friends and relatives. We had 200 seats reserved and 192 came!

10. My shoes. I got this from a sale. ; )

11. The church where we got married. When we first saw this church for the first time, we know we wanted to get married here.

12. DIY stuff. We had a lot of DIYs - missalettes, guest sheets, and these matches.

13. My grand entrance to the church. Everything seems dreamy and I was just focused on the wonderful man waiting for me at the altar.

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