June 8, 2009

house painting project

Since we were not expecting that the rainy season will be early this year, we were not able to finish most of the house fixes we used to do before the summer ends. It's good to know though that we had the roof checked first and the drainage canals cleaned. We were not able to repaint the exterior of our house because first, we were having a hard time finding a professional painter and second, the weather was clearly unpredictable over the last couple of weeks.

Painting our home is a part of routine maintenance and also to update the appearance of our house. We would also very much like to change the color from white to something more lively, like a cheerful yellow which we saw from the works of Birmingham Painting.

I read that a house painting project does not only entail choosing the right color, but also gives consideration to house paint durability. The more intense a color, the more likely it is to fade. Dark colors can also pose more maintenance problems. Although dark colors absorb heat and suffer more moisture problems, it can give a house a sense of drama. We will keep these in mind the next time we decide to repaint the exterior of our house, and that time we will definitely start early.


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