June 26, 2009

shifting gear

It's really interesting how people shift careers, sometimes really far out from what they have studied. I had a chance to chat with some of my batch mates in college and a lot of us are non-practicing physical therapists. I for one is in medical transcription, others in pharmaceuticals, education and insurance companies. The one career shift my former classmate made was being a Miami general contractor. I wasn't quite expecting it from him since he was really a good student before. I thought that when he went to the States, he will pursue a doctorate in physical therapy.

I asked him why he had chosen this field and he said that when he came to the U.S., he got interested in custom home remodeling and from there, it had awakened a passion in architectural drawings and carpentry. He says that being a general contractor puts him in charge of architectural, engineering and construction services. Of course, he made further studies to be able to deliver the best service his company has to offer. He looked really happy telling me stories of how he started, the sacrifices he had to make and now fulfilling his dreams.

I wish I could be more like him in being brave enough to pursue my passion. I wanted someday to have my own catering business. I love to cook and I believe this is one of my passions. I have yet to enrol in a culinary school one day and study the ins and outs of a catering business, but I do hope that someday I will be able to tell my own story of how I started and be able to fulfill my dreams.


Beth said...

you're right. It takes courage to follow your passion. I wish you will have your catering business someday! :)

jane said...

I agree it does take courage to go for something you have a passion for like your friend wanting to be a Miami general contractor. You can't care what others think and just go for what you will love. You are going to do that for a really long time so you might as well go for the profession of your dreams.