June 23, 2009

home inspection service - the inner workings

A very good friend of mine working as a nurse in the U.S. asked for my help in finding her a house here in Manila. Although her whole family is now in California, she still comes here about twice a year and most often stays with a friend, so she thought of buying a house of her own. As much as I would like to help her, it's very time consuming to look for a house that she likes. She asked me if there is a home inspection service available here. I have never heard of one, but she told me to check Denver Home Inspection to give me an idea.

A home inspection service can provice an invaluable information on a prospective home. They can check many details in a potential home such as concealed wiring and plumbing, shingles on the roof and built-in appliances in the kitchen. They will then provide a detailed report with a brief description once the inspector is done with the house. This will give the home buyer a chance to renegotiate with the current homeowner if prolematic areas are identified, and eventually can save the home buyer from hidden expenses.

This is a service that is necessary for any home purchase, but I don't think we have it here. But I guess reading and learning what a home inspection service is all about, I am more aware of what we should be on a look out for when checking on a potential house that my friend may want to buy. I know that purchasing a home is a major investment and as a friend, I will be there to help her make the right choices.

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