June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Transcription Bloopers

Header courtesy of Samulli

As a medical transcriptionist and medical transcription editor, I encounter transcripts that provide the unexpected comic relief to an otherwise routine day for me. Who says that my job is no fun?!

1. The patient is complaining of grumpy (crampy) legs...

2. Diagnosis: Grumpy feet (crampy feet). - Yeah, it's the opposite of Happy Feet ; )

3. Her previous provider had suggested that she get a lover biopsy (liver biopsy). - Oh no!

4. Otherwise we are going to have to stick him with noodles (needles) because he is going to have to go on the insulin. - Maybe the transcriptionist was hungry!

5. We are going to take him off the sugared soda and increase his olive oil (Amaryl) to 4 mg. - That would really help!

6. The disc osteophyte complex was removed in its entirety, in a piece of the old fashion (in a piecemeal fashion).

7. He complains of numbness and tingling in his right upper extremities (upper extremity).

8. Cultures were negative for orgasms (organisms). - How did they know?

9. He lives alone and cooks himself (for himself). - And that's why the patient ended up in the hospital....; )

10. The patient has pain off and on, lasting only a fracture (fraction) of a second.

11. Examination of the genitalia reveals that he is circus sized (circumcised). Wooo-hooh!

12. The patient was alert and unresponsive (responsive). - And the transcriptionist is confused.

13. The patient's voice is horse (hoarse).

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~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Fun list. I used to pay medical claims and saw sooooooooo many of these same type things - like 'the tree just jumped out in front of me..." LOL

Adelle Laudan said...

LOL Have you ever tried to read a doctors writing? lol
FUn list. Happy T13!

aliceaudrey said...

LOL. Amazing what a little change in words can do.

Brenda ND said...

LOL, I wonder how that lover biopsy worked out. Thanks for sharing.

☆Willa☆ said...

wow! sounds like an exciting and fun job to do. It really takes a lot of talent to figure out what they are really trying to say. :)
My Thursday Thirteen

Genejosh said...

Here's a CREATIVE MOM BLOGGER AWARD for you. Hope you like it. Have a nice day!

Hazel said...

Sometimes we could be thankful for spelling and grammatical errors that make us laugh :-)

I am Harriet said...

Interesting list. Hope I don't misspell anything.

Beth said...

This is funny! I love the patient cooking himself, hehehe.

I once worked for a medical transcription company pero as graphic designer. I designed their ads, etc. And on spare time, I talk with medical transcriptionists and I knew, ang hirap ng ginagawa nyo. Dpat malinaw ung pandinig, ska I saw the medical terms ha? Para ka na din nag-aral ng medicine! Kaya I know hindi gnun kdali maging MT.

Take care!

Smittenly Written said...

OMG...This is such a great list!! Funny Funny Funny!!!! This made my whole day.

Carleen said...

#11 made me spit coffee all over my computer screen -- too, too funny!

Thanks for such a fun list to start the day.

Saph @ Walk With Me said...

Oh that is hilarious!! Are you still an MT now? I'm looking to start training and would appreciate some feedback.

Pamela Kramer said...

Those are hilarious great TT post!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've seen closed captions that are as humorous. Scary to think what sort of disaster can happen in the medical field, though.

Susan said...

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