June 24, 2009

the zen of decluttering

Decluttering the home and organizing is a big project especially if you have too much stuff and clutter. Decluttering is getting rid of all the things you don't need, don't like, don't use and don't want, and keeping those you love, and use, and need. There are a lot of good reasons for decluttering, like creating space, making the home seem bigger, and reducing maintenance cost and time.

If decluttering seems too stressful, declutter just a few items every day, and things will start to change. And if you want to clear the clutter from your home without giving away your treasured belongings, then Self Storage might be just the one that you need. There are a lot of self storage facilities out there, but finding the one that emphasizes on friendly professional managers and commitment to clean, secure and convenient self storage facilities distinguishes one from the others.

Locating a self storage facility is not too difficult. In fact, there are self storage solutions across the United States, such as Self Storage Facilities Phoenix AZ or Storage Rentals Phoenix AZ. So if you find yourself in a middle of chaos on your things at home, begin a process of positive change, lift your spirits and declutter. After starting to declutter, you will find that your home is more peaceful and welcoming, it is easier to maintain, and you feel calmer, less stressed and most probably more energetic.

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Beth said...

Just in time! Earlier, I decluttered our cabinet to destress and I was happy with the results! I have better things to do but I don't know what got into me, I arranged all the mags and my kids' school books in our cabinets and got rid of all the clutter like super old receipts, etc. Thanks for sharing!