June 5, 2009

the power to upgrade

I really wonder what's with men and the need to update or upgrade their gadgets. My hubby and I had a discussion about his DSLR camera. He wanted to buy another lens which is so expensive, and I told him that it's going to be the last big purchase that he will have for his camera for an indefinite period of time.

Now he is thinking about installing a vw turbocharger in the car - whatever that is. He said that the turbocharger can markedly improve horsepower, torque and more by forcing air into the system. I asked about fuel consumption and he rhetorically answered that more air means more fuel can be put in because there is more power from each explosion into each cylinder.

So what does the wife has to say about this? He has to choose one and it's either the new lens or the vw turbocharger for the car. He is still thinking about it. ; )

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