June 30, 2009

too much attachment?

As I write this post, I am currently working in an office cubicle from my previous office. I have been working from home since last year and the temporary change is brought about by a need to change my routine and my son's too much attachment to mommy. I am not an overprotective parent and I believe that my child should learn to explore the world around him, and I encourage him to be with other children as much as possible. Lately I have noticed that Joaqui does not want to play with anyone except mommy. When he goes outside for a walk with his nanny, he would cry mommy, mommy after just going out of the door. His current nanny and the previous one have noticed though that when we (my husband and I) are not around, he is more well behaved. He asks for us, but does not go into tantrums as much as when I am around.
As much as I am a believer of attachment parenting, this temporary change will still hope to strive to maintain a healthy, secure attachment with my child. But I sure do miss him and I can't wait to go home already. ; )

For those work-at-home moms out there, has this happened to you and your child? I would really appreciate any input you have on this.


Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

I have been working from home, too, for almost a year now, but I've been having problems with my Internet connection at home for days in a row now, so I'm actually back in the office, and I don't think I like it better than working at home. You see, I've been used to hearing (from inside our bedroom where I work) what's happening to my son the whole day (although he doesn't know I'm just inside the room working). Plus, going to the office is more taxing physically, emotionally, financially. If I can have my way, I don't want to commute to and from work anymore.

Hazel said...

'you a morning person, jeng? u say the morning rush excites you. i'm quite the opposite, and commutes don't work well with me. if i have to drive, i yawn my way thru traffic and dangerously dozes off for a bit. we have the same scenario on sons sitting on the lap. enjoy the office work. happy thursday!