June 16, 2009

coping with blogger's block

This blog temporarily suffered one. It was awful. I really couldn't let myself write anything. My brain was a clutter of thoughts and Farm Town in Facebook is occupying most of it. So now I have searched the web for some useful tips in battling blogger's block, in case it happens to me again, and here are some:

1. Change your blogging environment. Getting away from the computer and blog can definitely help, but so can blogging from a new location.

2. Keep an idea journal. Idea journals are great in the short term as they are great for recording those impulsive ideas that flow through the mind all day everyday and for creating to do lists for immediate action.

3. Lower your standards. Don't start a post by worrying about being perfect, insightful, original or even grammatically correct. Good writing, like good design, is a process of iteration and editing.

4. Read what other bloggers are saying. One of the srengths of blogging as a medium is the way bloggers interact with one another and build upon each other's ideas.

a. Build on the work of others. Look for inspiration for a new post in what other bloggers are writing about in your niche.
b. Look for the gaps in conversation. It's good to join a conversation, but look for gaps in conversations also and you might just find yourself starting a whole new line of thought.
c. Look outside your niche.
d. Read other bloggers archive. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge locked away in the archives of some of your favorite blogs. Spend some time scanning them and you'll probably find ideas that you could bounce off with some posts of your own.
e. Credit where credit is due. Be generous with giving credit to the bloggers who inspire your thoughts.

5. Stimulate your mind. The saying of "what goes in comes out" is true and what you put into your mind has a direct impact upon what comes out of it.

Now I'm looking into a fresh direction and hopefully can be blog worthy again. ; )

You can read more about blogger's block here.


Dana Telco said...

Very need by bloger, because at one time, i sure, every bloger get blogger's block.

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for this post - I needed it right about now!!