August 28, 2009

Mommy Moments - Name Game

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." That is a famous quote from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. And for first time parents, thinking what name to give our child is a "project" in itself. When we found out we were pregnant, I immediately researched the meanings of different names that starts with the letter J, since our names starts with the letter J. I had a list to choose from, but if it was a boy, Joachim was already at the top of my list. It was supposed to be pronounced as "jo-wah-keem", but here in the Philippines, they pronounce it as "wah-KEEN." It means established by God and it is also the name of Mama Mary's father. Joaqui's second name is Stefan, pronounced as "stef-FAHN" and it means the crowned one.

Today, Joaqui is exactly 2 years and 8 months and these pictures were taken about two weeks ago while he was playing in Gymboree.

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August 25, 2009

the best of time

If somebody would ask me what gift I would want to receive, I would say a watch because I like to collect watches, especially the classic time pieces. It may seem like an ordinary piece of accessory, but what kind of watch a person wears actually says something already about that person. I am not time conscious but time is important to me. When I do not have my watch, I feel like I am naked, stripped of something important to me.

I know of some people who collect luxury watches and I would want to own a really expensive luxury watch someday, like a Rolex watch. Most of them buy their Rolex watch from because Best of Time offers genuine Rolex watches at substantial discounts to the manufacturer's suggested retail price. All of their Rolex watches are 100% genuine and authentic with serial numbers. They sell like-new and pre-owned Rolex watches with brand new genuine Rolex boxes and GIA member appraisal papers, which is really important if you are a watch collector.

Time is what we make out of it, and being on time in style and elegance is what other people make of it. As time is valuable to each and everyone of us, so is owning a luxury watch where you can wear it time and time again. The best way to wear time is with Best of Time because it brings with it over a decade’s worth of proven retail success, service and satisfaction, and only the top of the line Rolex watches are available to their customers in their commitment to excellence and satisfaction.

August 23, 2009

8 Things

Eight is one of my favorite numbers (the other one being 12) and this is a tag on the number 8 passed on to me by Jona.

8 things I'm looking forward to:

Joaqui being toilet trained
Owning our own house
Finishing our wedding album
Coffee with my friends Ayn, Rhea, Con-Con and Jacq
New Moon Movie
More online opportunities
Family vacation

8 things I did yesterday:

Grocery shopping
Attended Charlotte's christening
Surfed the net
Played with Joaqui (as always)
Entertained visitors in the house
Slept early
Cleaned our cabinet
Browsed recipes

8 things I wish I could do:

watch Grey's Anatomy marathon
print all my pictures
get a permanent nanny
sleep all day
hold a garage sale
study in a culinary school
learn how to do makeup
lose weight

8 shows I watch:

TV Patrol
Go Diego Go
Living Asia Channel shows
Barefoot Contessa
Iron Chef
Formula One Race
Boys Over Flowers

8 People I tag:


Thank you Jona!

August 20, 2009

Mommy Moments - Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, rain go away, come again another day, little Joaqui, little Joaqui wants to play. Joaqui always sings this song when it rains, but he does not mind it at all when the rain is pouring because he likes to watch the rain. I have a picture of him watching the rain from our window, but I could not locate it at the moment. What I posted here is a picture of him with his Tito Ninong Jaron during his first time to shower in the rain. Now he does not go out when it rains because he doesn't like cold water and he is afraid of the thunder.

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August 19, 2009

joaqui the ring bearer

Joaqui was the ring bearer during his Lola Nene and Lolo Allen's 25th Wedding Anniversary and this was his real first major stint as a ring bearer. Unfortunately he did not walk down the aisle during the procession of the wedding entourage, but he did give the rings to the priest during the ceremony.

He looks more like a Congressman here than a ring bearer. : )

August 14, 2009

searching efficiently and rapidly

I have noticed that medical transcription has become more popular than when I started working. When somebody used to ask me what kind of work I do and answered I'm a medical transcriptionist, the usual answer would be "what's that?" and then I have to explain to them how medical transcription works. Now when I tell somebody that I'm a medical transcriptionist, the answer would be, "oh, how did you become one?" Apparently there is an increased interest in how to get into the MT world.

Sometimes I would also get response that what I do is just type or they thought that it's like a call center job. Although we don't listen to live calls, but dictations, our work entails a lot of studying and research. Even the most experienced ones need to study new terms, new drugs and new developments in the medical field. That is why I'm thankful for search engines such as Rapidshare Search Engine because of its regularly updated links base, functionality and good work capacity.

I think this is what I like most about my job, researching and studying the latest developments in the medical field, and making sure that I produce an accurate report on a patient's medical condition. By ensuring the doctors that all his dictated reports are timely and accurately delivered, they are assured that their medical records are in capable hands.

Mommy Moments - I Gotta Wear Shades!

After looking at all of Joaqui's pictures for today's theme, these are the only pictures I have of Joaqui wearing shades or sunglasses. He does not like to wear shades now, and maybe because he was still a baby here that is why he had worn them.

This is Joaqui wearing the first shades we bought for him.

Here is Joaqui wearing his Daddy's shades.

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August 11, 2009

a taste of fine art

I must admit that I don't have talent in drawing or painting, but I like to look at paintings in art galleries and just as I can spend hours and hours in a book store, I can spend time appreciating works of arts in a Fine Art Gallery. Maybe because I don't have the talent in painting that I really admire painters and artists. I only have a few good pieces of art works by unknown artists and someday I would like to own a painting by great Filipino artists like Mauro Malang Santos and Botong Francisco.

I don't know many full service art galleries here, but the ones I know of does not only specialize in traditional arts, but also contemporary and commercial art. Even in today's digital age, many painters still stay true to traditional art and although modern and commercial art is quite interesting, I find beauty in subjects that reflect the people's colorful everyday lives and recording history as they unfold.

Not only the art itself is getting more and more modern, but online galleries of paintings and art works are getting more popular. In fact, there are fine art galleries on Ebay, where you can choose a painting you like through their website and purchase it at their Ebay store. It sure is convenient, but one has to be more careful of the quality and condition of the painting they are buying online.

growing old with you

Twenty five years of marriage - that is what this couple just recently celebrated. This is hubby's Tita Nene (my mother-in-law's sister) and her husband Tito Allen who both came all the way from New Jersey to renew their vows and celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with friends and family. I can't help but think how it must have been more challenging for them to hurdle the difficulties in their marriage because of culture differences. I believe they are blessed to have each other, for no matter how far apart their worlds were, they made a commitment to stay with one another in spite of and despite of the hardships their marriage had to endure. Their love and faith in one another kept them strong and this might have been what it means to "grow old with you."

August 7, 2009

Mommy Moments - Part of the Family

Since Joaqui is the only grandchild from both sides of our family, he is showered with much love and affection from his aunts and uncles. Joaqui likes to play with them and do other activities with hubby's siblings.

This is Joaqui's Tita Malot, hubby's sister, whom Joaqui likes to goofed around with. Since his Tita Malot works in Jollibee, she always gives him Jollibee toys and other Jollibee items, even without Joaqui asking.

Joaqui also likes to play with his Tita Mylene, hubby's youngest sister, and Tito Benjie (Tita Malot's fiance). I think Joaqui really likes Tita Mylene because he asks for her when she is not around.

This is his Tito Ninong Jaron, hubby's brother and one of his godparents, whom he looks up to. Jaron is a member of the church choir and Joaqui would often imitate his Tito Ninong Jaron's singing.

Lola Aba, Joaqui's great grandmother, is very fond of Joaqui because she saw him as early as a month old during the time she came back from the U.S. Joaqui likes to sit at Lola Aba's lap and make her laugh.

I am glad that hubby has a big family that could make up for the small one I have. ; )

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Schumacher will race again

After the injury that happened to Felipe Massa on July 25 in Hungary, Michael Schumacher is preparing for the upcoming European Grand Prix as he emerges from his nearly three-year retirement to replace Massa for the rest of the season. Me and my husband are both excited to watch Schumacher race again for the Ferrari, but we do hope that Massa will recover well.

I don't watch F1 but since hubby likes to watch F1, I became a fan. Sometimes I wish I could drive a car as fast as an F1 race car driver like having a supercharger in my car. I don't have to own a Ferarri, but a car with a pontiac supercharger will at least quench my thirst for speed.

It would really be an exciting F1 race for Schumi and although he is not allowed to use Ferrari's F60 car before the European Grand Prix in Valencia on August 23, he is in top condition to get back on the race track and this is one race I will make sure not to miss.

Light A Candle for Corazon Aquino

Thank you Jona for inviting me to do this tag.

In loving memory of former President Corazon C. Aquino, I am encouraging the blogosphere to light a candle for her. Grab the image below, add your prayer for Mrs. Aquino and link up.


1. Bits & Pieces - Thank you Lord for giving President Aquino the gift of life. It was a well-lived life as she touched nations all over the world. It must have been difficult for her especially the last months of her life. But everything is well now as she joins you. May her family find comfort knowing that she is now safe in your kingdom.

2. Kero's Celebration - Our gratitude to you, Lord for sharing with the Filipino people, one of your miracles on earth. May the courageous life of President Aquino continue to inspire women all over the world.

3. A Time To Weep And A Time To Laugh - I thank You Lord for giving us the perfect example of how a Filipino should be. More than anything she is the best example of a kind and loving wife and mother. I know that you are the only one Lord, who could give the ultimate comfort for those who grieve especially her family. May you please give them the comfort and warmth that they need.

4. JengSpeaks - Accept our prayers for Corazon Aquino that you may grant her the entrance into the land of light and joy, and receive her into the arms of thy mercy, into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and into the glorious company of the saints in light. She has lived a life of kindness, humility and courage, and she may continue to inspire us to do good to each of our brethren.

5. Your blog.

Please feel free to grab the tag and add your blog.

August 5, 2009

Farewell Corazon Aquino

Today the Filipino people bid farewell to former president Corazon Aquino, as hundreds of thousands converged on the streets to wait for the passing of her flag-draped casket, waving yellow ribbons and showering confetti and yellow flowers. Former president Cory Aquino rose to prominence after the 1983 assassination of her husband from his return from U.S. exile to challenge Marcos. She has led the Philippines towards truth, justice and democracy after many years of martial law under the Marcos regime.

While watching the necrological service given to former president Cory at the Manila Cathedral, I was in awe of how many people were there to pay their respect. Even though hundreds of thousand of people were waiting outside the Manila Cathedral, it was still solemn and well organized. Crowd control was definitely secured with barricades for public safety as well as the security of the well-known politicians and celebrities who came to pay respect to the former president.

As there were so many people that thronged the streets and waited for hours just to see the Cory Aquino's coffin, the Aquino family were overwhelmed with gratitude for all of those people. The number of people lining up were so vast in number that a velvet rope or stanchions would not be enough to prevent some people from following the whole entourage of the funeral procession going to Manila Memorial Park. It was very touching and I felt how Cory Aquino has touched the lives of the Filipinos with her goodness and bravery.

Whenever there is a political crisis, Cory Aquino always rose above the bureaucratic procrastination to remind us Filipinos that we had once astonished the world with our bravery. She was divinely inspired and her legacy will forever live in the hearts of her people.