August 11, 2009

growing old with you

Twenty five years of marriage - that is what this couple just recently celebrated. This is hubby's Tita Nene (my mother-in-law's sister) and her husband Tito Allen who both came all the way from New Jersey to renew their vows and celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with friends and family. I can't help but think how it must have been more challenging for them to hurdle the difficulties in their marriage because of culture differences. I believe they are blessed to have each other, for no matter how far apart their worlds were, they made a commitment to stay with one another in spite of and despite of the hardships their marriage had to endure. Their love and faith in one another kept them strong and this might have been what it means to "grow old with you."

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Clarissa said...

Happy 25th( and counting!) Wedding Anniversary to your Tita Nene and Tito Allen!!^_^
Nakakakilig silang tingnan!!\(^0^)/