August 7, 2009

Schumacher will race again

After the injury that happened to Felipe Massa on July 25 in Hungary, Michael Schumacher is preparing for the upcoming European Grand Prix as he emerges from his nearly three-year retirement to replace Massa for the rest of the season. Me and my husband are both excited to watch Schumacher race again for the Ferrari, but we do hope that Massa will recover well.

I don't watch F1 but since hubby likes to watch F1, I became a fan. Sometimes I wish I could drive a car as fast as an F1 race car driver like having a supercharger in my car. I don't have to own a Ferarri, but a car with a pontiac supercharger will at least quench my thirst for speed.

It would really be an exciting F1 race for Schumi and although he is not allowed to use Ferrari's F60 car before the European Grand Prix in Valencia on August 23, he is in top condition to get back on the race track and this is one race I will make sure not to miss.

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