August 14, 2009

searching efficiently and rapidly

I have noticed that medical transcription has become more popular than when I started working. When somebody used to ask me what kind of work I do and answered I'm a medical transcriptionist, the usual answer would be "what's that?" and then I have to explain to them how medical transcription works. Now when I tell somebody that I'm a medical transcriptionist, the answer would be, "oh, how did you become one?" Apparently there is an increased interest in how to get into the MT world.

Sometimes I would also get response that what I do is just type or they thought that it's like a call center job. Although we don't listen to live calls, but dictations, our work entails a lot of studying and research. Even the most experienced ones need to study new terms, new drugs and new developments in the medical field. That is why I'm thankful for search engines such as Rapidshare Search Engine because of its regularly updated links base, functionality and good work capacity.

I think this is what I like most about my job, researching and studying the latest developments in the medical field, and making sure that I produce an accurate report on a patient's medical condition. By ensuring the doctors that all his dictated reports are timely and accurately delivered, they are assured that their medical records are in capable hands.

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