December 28, 2008

happy 2nd birthday baby!

Today is our Joaqui's 2nd birthday and we had a simple family celebration at home because he will be having his birthday party on the 30th. We started the day by hearing mass and then buying the food that we would serve later that day, nothing really fancy - just pancit, roasted chicken, Arny-Dading's peachy-peachy, cake and my mother-in-law's pork barbecue.
Of course Joaqui had his candle blowing and he knows how to blow the candles from his cake, but mommy has to help him a little bit. It was also his practice for his birthday party on Tuesday.

Joaqui was the life of the party. He played and danced and did his antics and tricks for everyone to see - and he was just happy to be rewarded with clapping of our hands. He ate chicken, barbecue and the yummy chocolate cake.

We are so blessed for having Joaqui and as parents we only pray that he grow up to be a healthy, God-fearing and good-natured person. Happy Birthday Baby! We love you so much!

December 27, 2008

tagged on the spot

This is one fun tag that I got and it's a good thing hubby was here to take a picture, and this was taken while I was playing with Joaqui. I'm lucky that it's a decent photo and I'm not in my usual "pambahay" clothes. Thanks to Quinnie for giving me such a fun tag ; )

Here are the rules:
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Because this is such a cool and fun tag, I am tagging all my fellow pinaybloggers who haven't done this yet and I hope you'll enjoy doing this as much as I did.

December 23, 2008

Premio Dardos

It's just two days before Christmas and I am still working, plus gifts to wrap are waiting for me and I still have to cook for tomorrow's Noche Buena. This year we will be spending Christmas with hubby's family and then New Year here with my mom and brother. We went to the bank earlier and there are long lines on ATMs and bank counters. Heavy traffic is already experienced throughout, especially on roads going to the markets and supermarkets. And we already saw about three vendors selling lots and lots of coconuts (for those who will make buko salad) by the streets.

No matter how busy I am, I would still find the time to pass on awards, such as the Premio Dardos award given to me by Leah. This is an award that is given to acknowledge blogs that have cultural, ethical, literary and personal values.

Those who receive this Premio Dardos Award or Prize Darts should agree to follow certain rules:
1. Accept the award and post it on your blog along with a link to the person who has awarded you.
2. Pass the award on to at least 5 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.

I'm passing this to Jacque, Con, Janis, Emz and Meng.

December 22, 2008

a strong defense

Today I just found out that a former classmate of mine in college who is now residing in Los Angeles has been charged with DUI or driving under the influence. I cannot believe this news because way back in college, he was a good student and had no vices at all, but then I really don't know what has happened in all these years. One thing is for sure - He has to find legal counsel from a defense attorney with extensive experience in drunk driving cases.

Drunk driving conviction carries serious and long lasting consequences: jail or prison time, a heavy fine, and suspension or revocation of a driver's license. And this is where Los Angeles Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys could help in aggressively defending his case. They are L.A. criminal defense lawyers with over 50 years of legal experience with reputation recognized throughout Southern California. The team of Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin LLP is rated top 5% U.S. law firm specializing in DUI defense matters.

I often hear DUI only in celebrity news because of the numerous celebrities that have been charged DUI, but I think not only celebrities deserve to have a successful defense. It may come with a price, but if these lawyers can take his case quickly and confidently and get the best possible results in or out of court, then I do hope that he comes out clear through all of these.

December 19, 2008

Amazing Blogger Award

This award from Quinnie and it really brightened up my day. I haven't really been blogging that much lately and all the things I want to blog about are sometimes all in my head, but either I'm just too lazy or too tired to do them ; ( I hope this award will inspire me to blog better, so thanks Quinnie!

I'm passing this on to Mec, Leah, Joey, Sujee and Marites. Enjoy this award!

a bright vision

Lately I have been working really hard infront of the computer, transcribing, editing, blogging, finalizing the details for Joaqui's 2nd birthday party and making our Christmas dinner menu, and so my eyes have been straining from all the reading I have been doing. I thought it is just a simple headache or my eyes are just tired, but it seems that I have to change my reading eyeglasses. I wear eyeglasses when working because I really feel awkward with eyeglasses on and I have this thought that eyeglasses make me look older.

Since it's the holiday season, I am in the mood to shop for stylish Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical and this one is my favorite. It's a stainless steel full-rim frame with acetate temples. I like its shape and of course the color and design, which is very fashionable and young looking.

There are so many holiday frames to choose from the popular online eyeglasses shop Zenni Optical which comes in various designs, colors and shapes. Ordering prescription eyeglasses here is a breeze and did I mention that it's affordable too? You can get an $8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses! Makes you just want to say, Ho!Ho!Ho!

December 17, 2008

at a time of Christmas Bonuses

Since I have started working, this is the first time that I have not received a 13th month pay or Christmas Bonus. As I am now an independent subcontractor, I am not entitled to the usual benefits of a regular employee and thus no 13th month pay for me. Sigh. I'm not that sad but sometimes I'm thinking of how nice it is to have an extra month's salary that you have really not worked for, so to speak.

But I have planned ahead. Before I started working at home, I joined the "paluwagan" from my previous company so that come December time, I will have my own "13th month pay." I think it's just a matter of perspective. I still consider it a bonus for my hard work. That's a tip for those working at home or for those who plan to work at home. Give yourself a 13th month pay by saving up every month and not touching that money until December. If there is anything I have learned by becoming a WAHM, it is saving up for major expenses or for the times that I will not be able to work. So at this time of Christmas Bonuses, I still have my own Christmas Bonus to spend on Christmas shopping. ; )

December 12, 2008

three weeks to go

And our Joaqui will turn 2 years old! He is having a Jollibee Birthday Party on the 30th and mommy is finished with all the details for the party. Last week we ordered the cake at Layers and Layers in Fun Ranch at Tiendesitas. My friend Arlyne ordered her twin's baptismal cake and birthday cake from them so I've decided to get Joaqui's cake from them also. I just texted my friend Jacque of partyboosters to let her know of my budget for the balloon set up and also booked the face painter from her. Our loot bags are complete - we ended up buying them from Divisoria. At first I was really hesitant to go to Divisoria because I know at this time of the year it is already packed with people, but then nothing beats the cheap prices of items here, especially toys and stuff for loot bags. I was so happy that we went to Divisoria and was able to buy Sponge Bob items for the loot bags. Yipeeee!
We are sending out the invitations, starting with the neighborhood kids. Every morning Joaqui and I take a walk around the subdivision, and Joaqui personally gave the invitations to his neighborhood friends. It's very timely that Joaqui now watches Blues Clues DVD about three times a day and it is always that Blue's Birthday Party episode. He just couldn't get enough of that and now sings "happy bortday to you." He also knows how to blow the candles from his birthday cake from watching Blues Clues. ; )

December 9, 2008

Christmas love

When I started working at Outsource Transcription Philippines, Inc., our group of friends started out a Christmas Give-Away Project wherein we solicited soaps and other personal hygiene products and gave these to the residents of Hospicio De San Jose. The following year and the years after that, we have made this a yearly Christmas Project and from Hospicio De San Jose, other institutions that we have visited included Anawim, National Bilibid Prison, Nayon ng Kabataan, Kanlungan ni Maria in Antipolo, Queen of Peace Convent in Bulacan, selected UP-PGH pediatric ward patients and families and children in Payatas, and street children in Manila and Quezon City. Every year we try to solicit from co-workers, friends and family - cash, old clothes, toys, blankets, soaps, and other things that can be given to the poor - and every year is a touching experience for all of us.

Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children and the elderly, the delight on a scavenger's face upon receiving a bag of goodies and the tears of joy from the elderly who have not been visited by friends or family for a long time - these are the unforgettable experiences for us that no amount of money could ever buy.

the elderly of Anawim
Christmas bags given to Queen of Peace Convent

Another Christmas Give-Away at Anawim

Christmas Party for the Payatas Outreach Community

at the National Bilibid Prison

Today we are on our ninth year of our yearly project and although we are all aware of how much harder it is to earn a living these days, we are still hoping that many of you will open their hearts and give a little love this Christmas, especially to the needy. They need our help and through this post, I humbly ask for your help. We accept cash, rice, canned goods, old clothes, toys, soaps and anything that may be of use to the needy. If you are currently reading this post, you can leave a comment if you would like to help, and from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you Merry Christmas and may He give you abundant blessings this coming year.

December 5, 2008

a new subdomain for me

I am so happy to announce that I have won the recently concluded 1st Pinay Bloggers' Forum Raffle and I have won a subdomain from I contemplated on what that other blog would be all about and I thought of making it my medical transcription blog with articles on medical transcription resources, health industry, online opportunities, and a lot more.

It is still very new, but I hope that it will be useful to the readers and of course, I hope to monetize it further down the road ; )

Please take time to visit Jeng's MT Head - Medical Transcription Blog

Oh, by the way. You can still join the Pinay Bloggers' Forum and get a chance to win in the raffle.

December 2, 2008

Engage with Grace

In Alexandra Drane's words, we need to "start talking. Engage With Grace: The One Slide Project was designed with one simple goal: to help get the conversation about end of life experience started. The idea is simple: Create a tool to help get people talking. One Slide, with just five questions on it. Five questions designed to help get us talking with each other, with our loved ones, about our preferences."

Death is universal and inevitable. It is celebrated, embraced and feared all at the same time. In our culture, death is something that is most often feared and talking of dying is considered by some people as morbid. But more than death itself, we should also think about how we want to be treated at the end of our lives. Do I prefer to die at home or in a hospital? Do I want to be rescusitated or not?

As for me, death is something that we should prepare for emotionally, spiritually and financially not only for ourselves, but most especially for our loved ones. Having a life insurance does not pave the way for readiness of an untimely death. Starting a conversation with our loved ones about end of live experience help ensure that we can end our lives in the same purposeful way we live them.

December 1, 2008

into Twilight

Hubby and I had the chance to watch the much talked about movie based on the #1 New York Times Best-Selling series by Stephenie Meyer. I heard of the book before, but I never had the chance to get a copy and I wasn't really that interested since I am not into vampire stories. The movie did not disappoint me and it brought to life a story of an unforbidden love affair between a vampire and a mortal. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson looked good together on the big screen. The movie was wonderfully entertaining and I can't keep my eyes off Robert Pattinson...hahaha. He is totally gorgeous. The story was unexpected for me, but the ending is very indicative that a sequel is coming.

Now I'm more eager to read the book. For others who have read the book, they said the movie disappointed them. I can't say much about that as I have to read the book first.

Have you seen the movie Twilight?

the pink sisterhood

It’s a meme highlighting the threat of breast cancer and how important it isto practice early detection procedures like self breast examination.

* One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.
* Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.
* Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.
* Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.
* Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.
* Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.
* Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.
Facts taken from Women’s Health

And now here is the tag and the rules:
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I'm tagging Emz, Jigi, Con, Rocks, Jacque, Faye and Rhea.