December 12, 2008

three weeks to go

And our Joaqui will turn 2 years old! He is having a Jollibee Birthday Party on the 30th and mommy is finished with all the details for the party. Last week we ordered the cake at Layers and Layers in Fun Ranch at Tiendesitas. My friend Arlyne ordered her twin's baptismal cake and birthday cake from them so I've decided to get Joaqui's cake from them also. I just texted my friend Jacque of partyboosters to let her know of my budget for the balloon set up and also booked the face painter from her. Our loot bags are complete - we ended up buying them from Divisoria. At first I was really hesitant to go to Divisoria because I know at this time of the year it is already packed with people, but then nothing beats the cheap prices of items here, especially toys and stuff for loot bags. I was so happy that we went to Divisoria and was able to buy Sponge Bob items for the loot bags. Yipeeee!
We are sending out the invitations, starting with the neighborhood kids. Every morning Joaqui and I take a walk around the subdivision, and Joaqui personally gave the invitations to his neighborhood friends. It's very timely that Joaqui now watches Blues Clues DVD about three times a day and it is always that Blue's Birthday Party episode. He just couldn't get enough of that and now sings "happy bortday to you." He also knows how to blow the candles from his birthday cake from watching Blues Clues. ; )

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