December 17, 2008

at a time of Christmas Bonuses

Since I have started working, this is the first time that I have not received a 13th month pay or Christmas Bonus. As I am now an independent subcontractor, I am not entitled to the usual benefits of a regular employee and thus no 13th month pay for me. Sigh. I'm not that sad but sometimes I'm thinking of how nice it is to have an extra month's salary that you have really not worked for, so to speak.

But I have planned ahead. Before I started working at home, I joined the "paluwagan" from my previous company so that come December time, I will have my own "13th month pay." I think it's just a matter of perspective. I still consider it a bonus for my hard work. That's a tip for those working at home or for those who plan to work at home. Give yourself a 13th month pay by saving up every month and not touching that money until December. If there is anything I have learned by becoming a WAHM, it is saving up for major expenses or for the times that I will not be able to work. So at this time of Christmas Bonuses, I still have my own Christmas Bonus to spend on Christmas shopping. ; )

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