November 6, 2009

Mommy Moments - Let's Pretend

I don't know if I'm just too busy or what, but I had to check the calendar if it was really Friday already. : P It is and it's time for this week's Mommy Moments.

At his age, Joaqui likes to play pretend or I guess he likes to imitate people around him, what he usually see that we do and even sounds that he hears. He likes to pretend as a carpenter or a crane operator. But what he likes most is pretending to be a priest. Joaqui would always want to hold a cross wherever we go, including birthday parties, so we are always ready to make a cross for him out of drinking straws. He pretends to be a priest saying mass, giving bread during the Holy Communion and blessing with Holy Water. I don't know if he really wants to be a priest someday, but I do hope that he grows up to be "mabait" like a priest.

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November 5, 2009

Algebra help

I was never good in Math especially Math problems and it has always been my waterloo subject when I was studying. I always struggle on Math word problems and I remember when I was in fourth year high school, I had to be tutored on one of my Math subjects.

So I was quite surprised when I found out that one of my God children who is in K-12 is actually getting Algebra 2 help from the leading online tutoring company in the world. It has the advantage of using their service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their tutors have graduate degrees and are certified online tutors, so whenever he has an assignment or needs assistance on how to arrive at specific Math answers, he can connect to a tutor instantly. I think this is effective for him as his mother can see great improvements in his grades and he can now solve some Algebra word problems on his own.

I wish we had this during our time when I was studying. It would surely boost my grades in Math and up to now, I certainly could use some Algebra help.

November 3, 2009

Hooray! Joaqui is potty trained!

I have had numerous attempts before to potty train Joaqui, but we were unsuccessful. Then I read an article about potty training which tells parents to also consider the readiness of a child before starting potty training. When Joaqui turned two, he had an idea of wee-wee and poo-poo, but he does not know yet when to go to the bathroom. We tried him on a potty trainer, but he does not want to use it. He began telling us that he pees in his diaper about a month ago and so I started training him on how to use the bathroom. I think he was himself ready to use the bathroom as he only had two accidents. On the second week, we did not have any accidents at all and I am so glad that I also waited for him to be ready.

I have summarized below the article I've read in toilet training children: 10 ways to prepare your child for the potty

Take your child into the bathroom with you. It's especially helpful if fathers and brothers set the example for boys, and mothers and sisters set the example for girls.

Try to help your child recognize the sensations of "being wet," "wetting now," and "about to be wet." Encourage your child to talk about these sensations -- especially "about to be..." sensations -- without pressing your child to be toilet trained.

Let your child go nude in appropriate settings to help the child " see" what he or she is doing, and to help make the mental connection between the words and what they refer to.

Changing a diaper in the bathroom will also associate the process with the place. Children over age 2 should be off the changing table for this reason.

Although much ado has been made about using the proper terminology for body parts and functions, you should use the words that come most easily to you and your child.

Help your child learn the meaning of the terms "before" and " after" by using them yourself in other contexts such as, "We'll wash the dishes after dinner."

Talk about the advantages of being trained: no more diaper rash, no more interruptions for diaper changing, the pleasure of being clean and dry.

Let your child practice lowering and raising training pants sometimes, or putting them on and taking them off.

Have a potty chair handy on which the child may sit (even with clothes on) perhaps while you are in the bathroom yourself, but only if he or she wants to.

Begin reading "potty" books to your child.

October 30, 2009

enforcing screenpass

We met with our very good friend Connie yesterday as she was here for a short visit and as always, we had a fun time chatting and keeping up with what's going on in our lives. We were all from OTPI, the first medical transcription company I had worked with, and we like to reminisce about our good old days in that company. One of the things that we always remember was the time when we used to play network games when we do not have much work. And I also remember how I got caught by my supervisor while I was playing.

Since medical transcription companies use work stations connected in a network, it can gain much benefit from using a screen locking system for Windows that provides security for unattended computers and gives the network administrator centrally controlled security options. One of its key features is the auto log off of idle work stations, which can be set after exceeding a defined idle period.

I think that every network administrator for a medical transcription company could use Screen Pass since medical transcriptionists work on patient records, which should be privacy protected at all times. By enforcing password security and recording events to application event log or text file, administrators can remotely manage all work stations locally or remotely. It will also save energy by avoiding users being log on for too long or leaving idle work stations.

A CAll to Celebrate Her and History's Life and Love

A Call To Celebrate

One of my blogger friends Genebei Faith of Her and History is giving away tons of prizes in celebration of her son's 1st birthday and their 2nd wedding anniversary. It's her first time to host a giveaway in her blog and it will surely be a success. Good thing I still have time to join as this only runs until November 5.

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compressor for Lady Heart

Hubby made another trip to the auto shop yesterday to oversee the repair of our car Lady Heart, which was submerged in flood during the typhoon Ondoy. There are still a lot of repairs to be made and old parts to be replaced. Hubby said that we would need a new a/c compressor for the air conditioning to run. The owner of the auto shop referred to us a website where we can get a/c compressors for a discounted price. We checked it out and found the site to be very helpful with a wide array of compressors and condensers to choose from. They have compressors for any brand of car and when you order from them, shipping is free. It is such a big help to us while we have yet so much to purchase before we can use our car again. If you find yourself in need of a/c compressors and a/c compressor parts, I would recommend that you check out

Mommy Moments - Precious Gift

When I became a mom, I believe I had received one of the most precious gifts when Joaqui was born. And while Joaqui was growing up, I had discovered a lot about myself and how seeing him everyday completes my existence and gives me simple joy. Joaqui is now 2 years and 10 months old and he does not quite grasp yet the concept of gift giving, but he knows that during birthdays, we give gifts and people can give him gifts also.

I consider the hugs and kisses he gives me everyday as precious gifts from Joaqui. He is so "malambing" to me and would sometimes out of the blue hug me or give me wet kisses. He also would act sad and ask me to give him a hug to comfort him. When he says I love you, my heart swells with joy and I always thank God for this wonderful gift of love that he had given us.

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October 29, 2009

searching for PDFs

Abstraction is the process or result of generalization by reducing the information content of a concept or an observable phenomenon, typically to retain only information which is relevant for a particular purpose. It may sound simple, but in actuality, abstracting takes a lot of practice to be able to get a grip on it. I tried abstracting when an opportunity for an abstracting job came to me almost a year ago. It was really interesting as I love to read anything and everything under the sun. What was difficult though is reading articles in PDF formats and researching for information and keywords in PDF format is time consuming and eye straining as well.

It was during one of my research that I chanced upon a Free PDF Search website, with all their files indexed in PDF formats, which really saved me a lot of time in browsing and looking for the information I need be it manuals, books or guides. The best thing about this free PDF search is that the data base is updated regularly, and even though I am not abstracting anymore, it definitely helps me in my research as a medical transcriptionist.

jeng's home cooking blog

If you have been visiting my other blog, Jeng's Home Cooking, you might notice that I have not updated it for quite a while now. I will try to update it as soon as I can. I do not think that I can post recipes there for now because we are still not back in our house and I can't cook yet. I lost my oven and all my stuff for baking including my collection of cook books (sigh). But this will not stop me from writing my other gastronomic adventures and I hope to see you all soon at Jeng's Home Cooking.

all that glitters

When I think about what has happened to us because of the typhoon Ondoy, it made me realize how small we are in this world and how powerful is the force of nature that no one is spared in times of its wrath, whether you are rich or poor. We have lost a lot of material things, but God is so good to us that we were all safe, especially my son Joaqui who was not even aware of what was happening around him. He even told me, at the height of the flood, that he wanted to go swimming.

This also changed a lot of my perspective, especially with regard to our finances and investment and how we could recover faster on our losses. They say that not all that glitters is gold, but when I think about it, gold in the form of gold coins and gold bullion, glitter in such a way that they are a good choice for investment. They do not devalue and has been referred to as the "crisis commodity." And in our case, as long as they are safely kept they would not be lost in flood or any calamity. In fact, while we were cleaning our house, we found the gold coins that we have left still intact.

We always see a gold coin in our everyday existence and most of the time not even knowing the true value of this. If you want to know more about how you can make a gold coin or bullion an investment and what to look for in buying them, there are free gold guides for potential investors on the internet. In these times of political and economic certainty, this might be one commodity that is worth looking at.

it's good to be back

It's good to be writing again for my blog. I have been contemplating on whether to continue blogging as I did not know where will I find the strength to blog after all that has happened to us because of the typhoon Ondoy, which hit us hard, leaving us with no house and no car. We had to evacuate to our neighbor who has a 2nd floor and finally to leave our house and stay with my mother-in-law. I am just so thankful that we are all safe and no one was harmed. We were only able to save a few clothes, shoes and electrical appliances, including our laptop and desktop computer. We are now in the process of cleaning our house, which was submerged in mud and flood for almost a month, as the water in our area became stagnant.

It is really difficult to start over again, but with the help of our family and friends, I know that we will be able to recover what we have lost. For those who have extended their help to us, for the kind words and the encouragement you have given us, and for the prayers you have silently whispered for us, thank you and may God continue to bless you with your heart's desires.

September 25, 2009

Mommy Moments - That's My Favorite

Joaqui is at an age where he does not actually verbalize his favorites, but there are a lot of things that he wants to have or do over and over, so I take it as a cue that some of these things are his favorites.

One of his favorite foods is pizza. He likes to eat pizza and he can actually tell the specific brand of pizza by their logos. He knows Pizza Hut, Shakey's and Yellow Cab. This picture was taken the first time he ate pizza, which was at Sbarro's. Now his favorite pizza is from Yellow Cab because when I ask him if he wants to eat pizza, he would say, "Yellow Cab!"

His favorite past time is to read (or should I say look at pictures) and be read at. Even newspaper : )

One of his favorite books is called Mighty Tugboats. It's a story of five tug boats' adventures.
And his favorite thing of all...a cross. He likes to hold a cross, imitating a priest or a "sakristan" in the church. He would often walk around our house holding a cross, seeing this from the church whenever we hear mass and sometimes would imitate the priest blessing holy water. He also knows church songs and he likes to go to churches. Where ever we are, he would ask us to make him a cross from straws or from paper. In this picture, we were at a birthday party and with the party hat, he looks like a pope or a cardinal. : P

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September 18, 2009

Mommy Moments - Treasured Pictures

Since Joaqui is our only child for now (and I hope he'll have a sibling soon ;P), I had a hard time choosing which photos to post for today's theme. We have so many photos of Joaqui, but these two pictures are really close to my heart.

This was taken a couple of weeks after we brought Joaqui home. He was holding his daddy's hand and this picture reminds me of how happy and blessed we are for having our baby.

This was Joaqui's first studio pictorial, taken at Child's Play. He is such a happy baby and even now as a toddler, he never fails to fill our lives with joy and laughter.

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September 16, 2009

tagged by sweet shelo

Thanks to Shelo for this tag.

Do you think you're hot?
Oh yeah! LOL

Please upload your favorite picture

Why do you love this picture?
This picture was on our wedding day and I was very happy on that day, and I felt that I was the most beautiful woman at that moment. ; )

When was the last time you ate pizza?
Yesterday. We ordered pizza from Yellow Cab.

What was the latest song you've heard?
SheWolf by Shakira

What are you doing while working on this game?
checking my email, working and playing farmville in Facebook

What is your favorite nickname?

What kind of person are you?
I'm complicated no matter how hard I try to be simple. I'm emotional and I am never afraid to let others know how I feel.

What is your favorite song?
Tanging Yaman, a church song

What is your favorite food?

What is the most stressful thing to you?
Doing something I don't like

Mention the 3 must-have items in your purse.
wallet, cellphone, makeup kit

What is your favorite color/s?
I like pink and red

What is your not full-filled-yet dream?
Having our own house, having my own catering business and traveling around the world

What is your favorite city to stay?
I don't know yet...haven't been to all of them yet. ; )

I'm tagging Beth, Chris, Twinkie and Clarissa.

September 13, 2009

2009 UAAP Cheer Dance Competition

I'm not in college anymore, but I enjoy watching the cheer dance of each of the participating universities in UAAP. I think that college students today are very fortunate as the UAAP cheer dance competition gets bigger and better every year, with this year's contest still being sponsored by Samsung.

All participating universities were awesome and it's like I'm watching cheer dancers from ESPN and our the UAAP cheer dancers are definitely at par with the cheer dancers from the U.S. I was rooting for my alma mater, University of the East, but they did not bag a place. University of the Philippines was 2nd runner up, failing to defend their title; Ateneo De Manila University was 1st runner up; and the 2009 Samsung UAAP Cheer Dance Competition winner was Far Eastern University. The FEU Blazing Pep Squad received 225,000 pesos cash reward and will have to defend their title for next year's cheer dance competition.

September 12, 2009

learning the ropes on discipline

I have sort of thought of myself as a laid back mom because I don't easily sweat the small stuff, but lately as Joaqui's curiosity on things around him is heightening, the one thing I am more concerned about being a parent is instilling discipline. I sometimes tell myself that he's just two years old and he is doing what other children are supposed to be doing.

This made me realize that as our first born, most of our parenting methods are trial and error. What works for one child may not work for another, and so I have come up with a few simple methods on how to discipline him effectively.
  • I state my instructions, rules or expectations clearly without yelling.
  • I offer him simple choices.
  • I have learned when to ignore tantrums and instead direct his attention to a more positive behavior.
More importantly, I try to be consistent by having a few rules and enforcing them every single time. I even ask other members of the family and caregivers whom we live with to also enforce these rules. Discipline is more than what to do and not what to do, but as a parent I am conveying my values and trying to teach him by being a good example myself.

September 4, 2009

Mommy Moments - Dress Up Day

There were only a few times when we had Joaqui wore a costume and I think I have posted all of these pictures before, but I hope you will still enjoy looking at them.

This was Joaqui dressed up as a superhero, particularly Robin, when we attended a costume party. The picture on the lower left was when he asked me to tie a white cloth on his neck to make as a cape because he was pretending to be a superhero.

This was the first Halloween costumes he had. I bought two costumes, one as Robin Hood and the other as a Pirate, but he had worn the Pirate costume at the Halloween Activities in Glorietta last year.

This was the latest picture of Joaqui dressed up as a Congressman...ooopppss...I mean a ring bearer at his Lola Nene's 25th Wedding Anniversary (lol). Modesty aside, I find him very handsome in his Barong Tagalog and with that serious look on his face, he looks more like a young politician here. ; )

Have a happy weekend everyone!

MckLinky Blog Hop

September 2, 2009

15 books

Tagged by Dada in Facebook.

Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose.

  1. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
  3. The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach
  4. The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino
  5. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
  6. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
  7. Julia's Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Child
  8. 'Tis: A Memoir by Frank McCourt
  9. Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
  10. The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  11. Drowning Ruth: A Novel by Christina Schwarz
  12. The Moon is My Friend by Chie Litiatco-Acosta
  13. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
  14. Pugad Baboy Series by Pol Medina Jr.
  15. The Life of Mary As Seen by the Mystics by Raphael Brown

August 28, 2009

Mommy Moments - Name Game

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." That is a famous quote from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. And for first time parents, thinking what name to give our child is a "project" in itself. When we found out we were pregnant, I immediately researched the meanings of different names that starts with the letter J, since our names starts with the letter J. I had a list to choose from, but if it was a boy, Joachim was already at the top of my list. It was supposed to be pronounced as "jo-wah-keem", but here in the Philippines, they pronounce it as "wah-KEEN." It means established by God and it is also the name of Mama Mary's father. Joaqui's second name is Stefan, pronounced as "stef-FAHN" and it means the crowned one.

Today, Joaqui is exactly 2 years and 8 months and these pictures were taken about two weeks ago while he was playing in Gymboree.

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