November 3, 2009

Hooray! Joaqui is potty trained!

I have had numerous attempts before to potty train Joaqui, but we were unsuccessful. Then I read an article about potty training which tells parents to also consider the readiness of a child before starting potty training. When Joaqui turned two, he had an idea of wee-wee and poo-poo, but he does not know yet when to go to the bathroom. We tried him on a potty trainer, but he does not want to use it. He began telling us that he pees in his diaper about a month ago and so I started training him on how to use the bathroom. I think he was himself ready to use the bathroom as he only had two accidents. On the second week, we did not have any accidents at all and I am so glad that I also waited for him to be ready.

I have summarized below the article I've read in toilet training children: 10 ways to prepare your child for the potty

Take your child into the bathroom with you. It's especially helpful if fathers and brothers set the example for boys, and mothers and sisters set the example for girls.

Try to help your child recognize the sensations of "being wet," "wetting now," and "about to be wet." Encourage your child to talk about these sensations -- especially "about to be..." sensations -- without pressing your child to be toilet trained.

Let your child go nude in appropriate settings to help the child " see" what he or she is doing, and to help make the mental connection between the words and what they refer to.

Changing a diaper in the bathroom will also associate the process with the place. Children over age 2 should be off the changing table for this reason.

Although much ado has been made about using the proper terminology for body parts and functions, you should use the words that come most easily to you and your child.

Help your child learn the meaning of the terms "before" and " after" by using them yourself in other contexts such as, "We'll wash the dishes after dinner."

Talk about the advantages of being trained: no more diaper rash, no more interruptions for diaper changing, the pleasure of being clean and dry.

Let your child practice lowering and raising training pants sometimes, or putting them on and taking them off.

Have a potty chair handy on which the child may sit (even with clothes on) perhaps while you are in the bathroom yourself, but only if he or she wants to.

Begin reading "potty" books to your child.


Chris said...

wow! congrats! my toby is also potty trained also for about 2 months na... he seldoms have wee-wee accidents now...

im also glad that at night, he doesnt wet the bed too! :D

by the way, you might want to check out

vhonnjheng said...

wow! 2 thumbs up for you baby joaqui...

my son is already 15 months and he started the potty training 2weeks ago...