November 5, 2009

Algebra help

I was never good in Math especially Math problems and it has always been my waterloo subject when I was studying. I always struggle on Math word problems and I remember when I was in fourth year high school, I had to be tutored on one of my Math subjects.

So I was quite surprised when I found out that one of my God children who is in K-12 is actually getting Algebra 2 help from the leading online tutoring company in the world. It has the advantage of using their service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their tutors have graduate degrees and are certified online tutors, so whenever he has an assignment or needs assistance on how to arrive at specific Math answers, he can connect to a tutor instantly. I think this is effective for him as his mother can see great improvements in his grades and he can now solve some Algebra word problems on his own.

I wish we had this during our time when I was studying. It would surely boost my grades in Math and up to now, I certainly could use some Algebra help.

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