August 25, 2010

shopping for business insurance

Last August 20, my brother did treat us for a sumptuous lunch after Joaqui's program in school. I thought that he just missed Joaqui so much and that is why we were having lunch at a restaurant, but it turned out that his business is already running for 1-1/2 years. He just wanted to share the blessings with us. As we were eating and talking, my brother mentioned the idea of expanding and also of getting a business insurance policy. Now I am not so familiar with business insurance and I thought that he has a point - he invested much time and money into his small business, and having an insurance can assure him that this will not fall apart when an unforeseen loss happens.

That same day, we were able to chat with our aunt in Texas who already owns a small Filipino store there and we inquired about her Texas business insurance policy. Apparently, she has had a great experience with an insurance shopping service in the internet, Netquote insurance. She said that she was able to find the best business insurance rates from reputable insurance carriers. Although she spent a little extra for a small business insurance, it was a good decision she made especially when a fire broke into their store. If it had not been for the business property insurance that she had, she could not have recovered from that loss.

As a business owner, my brother knows what is the adequate insurance coverage that he needs and can afford. Determining his insurance needs can help him get the best insurance rates and with the help of a professional insurance agent, I am sure that his small business will be in good hands.

August 24, 2010

budget friendly

Since we've been living in our own home now, I do our weekly budget including menu planning and grocery shopping. I never thought that it was hard to really follow a certain budget and stick with it. It gave me a clear perspective on where we usually overspend and before, I do not pay much attention to the price tag of certain things, now I do price comparison at the supermarket. This way, we get to save a lot on grocery shopping.

What helped me though was by always bringing a list of what we will buy, so I don't get to buy unnecessary stuff. I do an inventory of our pantry once a week, so I'll know what things we are short on and what we need to buy. Bringing a calculator also helped. By doing this, I discovered that P1,000 ($23) could go a long way if I will just buy what I need and not what I want. I also avoid bringing too much extra money when I shop so that I can stick with my budget.

Sometimes I think that it would really be nice to go to the grocery or supermarket and just buy everything I need and I want without having to stick on a budget, but I am learning so much from this. It also makes me strive to live within our means and enjoy the simple things in life.

August 16, 2010

love by tshirt

The internet is one such place where you can find anything and everything to give as gifts or find something for yourself. As early as now, I'm scouting for unique items to give as Christmas gifts and I found that a custom tshirt is really a nice thing to give to someone. There are so many shops for custom shirts out there, but not all of them are of good quality with awesome designs. So I'm checking out the ones referred to me by my friends at

I think that a custom tshirt fit for the wearer makes it a personal and well-thought of gift. Here, even sports tshirts can be customized, for that sports fanatic or an athlete, or for someone who just likes to play sports. There are so many cool designs that I'm finding a hard time what to choose. They have a wide array of topics from TV and movies to comics and non-profits. I'm even eyeing a shirt from Twilight design with a team Edward slogan.

If you want to explore more on artistic tshirt design, you can read all about it in Death by Tshirt which is a blog dedicated to original arts and designs shirts. Who knows, you might get hooked into it and design a shirt of your own.

August 4, 2010

yummy wahmmy

I can't believe I have not posted this here. It's about my new blog called yummywahmmy where I write about stories more of my being a work at home mommy. Wahmmy is short for work at home mommy and yummy is for delicious...because I am one delicious mommy...hahahaha. Actually, I like the sound of it and it rhymes very well. I hope you'll check it out!