October 30, 2009

enforcing screenpass

We met with our very good friend Connie yesterday as she was here for a short visit and as always, we had a fun time chatting and keeping up with what's going on in our lives. We were all from OTPI, the first medical transcription company I had worked with, and we like to reminisce about our good old days in that company. One of the things that we always remember was the time when we used to play network games when we do not have much work. And I also remember how I got caught by my supervisor while I was playing.

Since medical transcription companies use work stations connected in a network, it can gain much benefit from using a screen locking system for Windows that provides security for unattended computers and gives the network administrator centrally controlled security options. One of its key features is the auto log off of idle work stations, which can be set after exceeding a defined idle period.

I think that every network administrator for a medical transcription company could use Screen Pass since medical transcriptionists work on patient records, which should be privacy protected at all times. By enforcing password security and recording events to application event log or text file, administrators can remotely manage all work stations locally or remotely. It will also save energy by avoiding users being log on for too long or leaving idle work stations.

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