October 30, 2009

compressor for Lady Heart

Hubby made another trip to the auto shop yesterday to oversee the repair of our car Lady Heart, which was submerged in flood during the typhoon Ondoy. There are still a lot of repairs to be made and old parts to be replaced. Hubby said that we would need a new a/c compressor for the air conditioning to run. The owner of the auto shop referred to us a website where we can get a/c compressors for a discounted price. We checked it out and found the site to be very helpful with a wide array of compressors and condensers to choose from. They have compressors for any brand of car and when you order from them, shipping is free. It is such a big help to us while we have yet so much to purchase before we can use our car again. If you find yourself in need of a/c compressors and a/c compressor parts, I would recommend that you check out DiscountCompressor.com.

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