October 29, 2009

all that glitters

When I think about what has happened to us because of the typhoon Ondoy, it made me realize how small we are in this world and how powerful is the force of nature that no one is spared in times of its wrath, whether you are rich or poor. We have lost a lot of material things, but God is so good to us that we were all safe, especially my son Joaqui who was not even aware of what was happening around him. He even told me, at the height of the flood, that he wanted to go swimming.

This also changed a lot of my perspective, especially with regard to our finances and investment and how we could recover faster on our losses. They say that not all that glitters is gold, but when I think about it, gold in the form of gold coins and gold bullion, glitter in such a way that they are a good choice for investment. They do not devalue and has been referred to as the "crisis commodity." And in our case, as long as they are safely kept they would not be lost in flood or any calamity. In fact, while we were cleaning our house, we found the gold coins that we have left still intact.

We always see a gold coin in our everyday existence and most of the time not even knowing the true value of this. If you want to know more about how you can make a gold coin or bullion an investment and what to look for in buying them, there are free gold guides for potential investors on the internet. In these times of political and economic certainty, this might be one commodity that is worth looking at.

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