September 12, 2009

learning the ropes on discipline

I have sort of thought of myself as a laid back mom because I don't easily sweat the small stuff, but lately as Joaqui's curiosity on things around him is heightening, the one thing I am more concerned about being a parent is instilling discipline. I sometimes tell myself that he's just two years old and he is doing what other children are supposed to be doing.

This made me realize that as our first born, most of our parenting methods are trial and error. What works for one child may not work for another, and so I have come up with a few simple methods on how to discipline him effectively.
  • I state my instructions, rules or expectations clearly without yelling.
  • I offer him simple choices.
  • I have learned when to ignore tantrums and instead direct his attention to a more positive behavior.
More importantly, I try to be consistent by having a few rules and enforcing them every single time. I even ask other members of the family and caregivers whom we live with to also enforce these rules. Discipline is more than what to do and not what to do, but as a parent I am conveying my values and trying to teach him by being a good example myself.

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Chris said...

very good post! thanks for sharing....

disciplining starts with toddlers...