December 28, 2008

happy 2nd birthday baby!

Today is our Joaqui's 2nd birthday and we had a simple family celebration at home because he will be having his birthday party on the 30th. We started the day by hearing mass and then buying the food that we would serve later that day, nothing really fancy - just pancit, roasted chicken, Arny-Dading's peachy-peachy, cake and my mother-in-law's pork barbecue.
Of course Joaqui had his candle blowing and he knows how to blow the candles from his cake, but mommy has to help him a little bit. It was also his practice for his birthday party on Tuesday.

Joaqui was the life of the party. He played and danced and did his antics and tricks for everyone to see - and he was just happy to be rewarded with clapping of our hands. He ate chicken, barbecue and the yummy chocolate cake.

We are so blessed for having Joaqui and as parents we only pray that he grow up to be a healthy, God-fearing and good-natured person. Happy Birthday Baby! We love you so much!

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