August 11, 2009

a taste of fine art

I must admit that I don't have talent in drawing or painting, but I like to look at paintings in art galleries and just as I can spend hours and hours in a book store, I can spend time appreciating works of arts in a Fine Art Gallery. Maybe because I don't have the talent in painting that I really admire painters and artists. I only have a few good pieces of art works by unknown artists and someday I would like to own a painting by great Filipino artists like Mauro Malang Santos and Botong Francisco.

I don't know many full service art galleries here, but the ones I know of does not only specialize in traditional arts, but also contemporary and commercial art. Even in today's digital age, many painters still stay true to traditional art and although modern and commercial art is quite interesting, I find beauty in subjects that reflect the people's colorful everyday lives and recording history as they unfold.

Not only the art itself is getting more and more modern, but online galleries of paintings and art works are getting more popular. In fact, there are fine art galleries on Ebay, where you can choose a painting you like through their website and purchase it at their Ebay store. It sure is convenient, but one has to be more careful of the quality and condition of the painting they are buying online.

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