June 4, 2009

detangling SEO

When I was first starting to blog, I did not know a lot about SEO or search engine optimization. I was tryting to learn it from the information available on the internet or from other bloggers, but I just could not get it. And it seems now that there is a hype about internet marketing consulting that even some famous bloggers are turning into an SEO consultant or an internet marketing consultant.

SEO as a marketing strategy is not necessaritly appropriate for every web site, although a successful internet marketing campaign may drive organic traffic to web pages and may generate a return of investment. If you are a professional blogger and/or internet is your business, then knowing SEO inside and out will be beneficial to you and your business. Taking the right steps to get what you offer right infront of your consumers positions yourself or your business ahead of the competition.

SEO is complicated and there are a whole lot of people who makes this more complicated because there is money to be made by selling the next big secret method or whatever it is that claims to making money online. If you want to learn about SEO, take a very close look on the quality of information, the source and the pedigree of the SEO knowledge. It may just sound like right key words and high search rankings, but it could mean targetted traffice and more money for your business.

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