June 25, 2009

road mishap

It was unfortunate that my brother had a motor vehicle accident the other day wherein a motorcycle hit him on the driver's side. It happened when my brother was turning left when suddenly this motorcycle came from nowhere and apparently was trying to cut in. The impact was quite hard because it had left a deep dent on the door that he was not able to open it. If there is any consolation though, no one was seriously hurt.

The damage was unsightly and it will be unsafe for him to drive the car at all. His insurance company had suggested a specific repair shop, which according to them is one of the best in the area and is affiliated with a Los Angeles Auto Body repair shop. The necessary repairs are currently being completed and much to our relief, the door does not need to be replaced. We have yet to see the new paint job though, but at this point my brother is quite satisfied with their technical expertise.

Motorcycle accidents are becoming apparent in the roads nowadays wherein 2,092 accidents were reported, of which 51 had fatalities, in the first five months of the year alone. It is a fact that they have the right to use the road, but they have to be careful too. Swerving, driving on the curb and sidewalks, and basically ignoring lane partitions are what causes a rise in the incidence of road mishaps involving two-wheeled transport. If these motorists will follow traffic rules and regulations, then the number of accidents will not reach such a worrisome level.

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