June 5, 2009

i've got mail and more

I have a collection of cookbooks and recipe books, and I got two cookbooks for my collection absolutely free.  I had no idea that I would receive these, but it turned out that it was a freebie for answering a survey from a leading brand of processed foods, primarily canned vegetables, fruit and tomato products.

It is definitely a form of direct mail marketing that uses a consumer mailing list, which can be utilized as a viable source to increase business and acquire new customers that have an interest in a certain product or service.  This is also an effective way of creating personalized promotional materials, which can double or triple direct mail response rates.

I often get different marketing campaigns through mail and I certainly do not mind receiving them, especially if it comes with freebies.  This is not only for multinational businesses, but realtors and small business owners needing local consumer data can take advantage of direct mail marketing.  It can also mean targeted marketing for determining demographic selects and selecting the best customers with prospects based off the demographics of current customers.

The cookbooks I received were even personalized, and I had the impression that they really took the time to get to know their consumers, which now made me think of switching to their brand of processed foods.

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