April 15, 2009

say no to power outage

Power outage is becoming frequent now a days and I don't know why it always happens during the summer months. And I also wonder why people from the Manila Electric Company always has something to fix in our area. We were awakened by sweat and feeling hot and it was then I realized there was power failure - again.

I do think that the electricians from Meralco are as experienced and skillful as a San Antonio electrician, so probably the problem lies in the delapidated transformers, cables and electric posts we have here. We had an experience once when an electric wire from our house to the post suddenly sparked and when the electricians came, they said that we had electricity overload which was impossible because there wasn't too many electrical appliances being used at that time. We ended up having to hire a full service electrical contractor to fix some of the electrical wires and circuit breaker.

There are people who just know how to install small appliances and consider themselves electricians. According to this website, an electrician should be licensed and working legally within the trade. He should be able to do onsite inspection, work within your budget and should be able to present a detailed explanation of the project with an itemized cost for all parts and labor. We have heard so much about fires caused by faulty electrical wiring and bearing in mind the safety of our home and family, we should not have this compromised by finding the right one who is qualified for the job.

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