April 7, 2009

the heat is on

It's so hot lately that I'm having a mirage of thoughts that I'm in a gorgeous beach, swimming and frolicking in the water. It's THAT hot in here. I bet it's quite as hot in Arizona, which is currently about 80 degrees and I wonder how's it like to be living in Arizona with the heat and all. If you've come from a place that always snow, then maybe the heat is what you will be looking for, which then could land you in looking for an Arizona real estate.

Talking about the weather, the heat is making everybody here go on vacation to the nearest beach. Now if you are already in Arizona, there are places there where you can live like you're always on vacation where you can bask in the sun, enjoy the stunning view from paradise valley, or just relax in an Arizona White Mountain Equestrian Estate. Just saying those last few sentences is just making me dizzy, thinking how hot it would be.

Enough about the weather. I would like to continue on my mirage of thoughts if you may - now, where beach was I frolicking earlier?

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