April 20, 2009

united colors

Keeping in touch with friends is so much easier now with social network sites, email and chat rooms and in an effort to stay updated with each one of us in our group, my friend Arlyne created a yahoo group for us to chat and share pictures. We sometimes call this United Colors of Benetton because we live in different countries - New Jersey, U.S.A., Malaysia, Canada, Philippines and Qatar.

Although my friends and I are all Filipinos, we have come to know of different cultures and languages, much like becoming interracial so to speak. And for people of different racial groups, an interesting site would be interracial chat rooms where one can communicate with interracial people from all over the world. People from different walks of life can always find someone to talk to in this chat room and also can participate in webcam chat for free. One can know more about the world by chatting and meeting up with people from different racial groups or ethnic groups. This could also be a resource for those wanting to meet people of diverse nationalities and cultures.

The different languages we speak is not a barrier in how we can communicate with one another. Being able to reach out, to work in harmony and understanding our differences as a people can make the world a better place.

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