April 30, 2009

finding a replacement nanny

As I have said before, Joaqui's nanny of nine months had to go to the province for a family emergency and for four days now, I have been taking care of Joaqui and working at the same time. I must admit that it really gets tiring, especially chasing this little boy around the house. It's enjoyable at the same time as we both love to play silly games and laugh our hearts out.

I asked some of our friends if they could refer to me another nanny and thanks to a local chat where I got to chat with an old friend who is also now a mother like me. We shared stories and experiences from weddings to the joys of motherhood. It was then that she told me about her aunt who lives here in our area who can refer me to a new nanny. I was so relieved and I immediately contacted her aunt and interviewed the possible nanny. I liked her as she seems hardworking, kind and experienced in taking of children.

The new nanny will start tomorrow and I hope Joaqui will like her. It's hard to find a good and trustworthy nanny these days. I thought I had hit two birds with one stone with the local chat room, as I had rekindled an old friendship and I found a replacement nanny. ; )  


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The Nanny Authority said...

That's pretty lucky! I think you had the right idea going online, whether it's on a chat or a website resource and using that as a starting point for finding a nanny. It's great also, because you have personal references for your nanny, which is crucial. Best of luck!