April 30, 2009

punk my day

I have come across this article about how to date a punk, and it's really interesting as the punk rock culture is different from the mainstream culture. I guess it's just a matter of preference when it comes to relationships. I think punk dating can be quite a shock to those accustomed to the usual dating, but if someone you like is into the punk music, it would help if you will know the philosophy behind punk rock.

One option is to access a free punk dating site that emphasizes on the punk rock lifestyle because it is here where you can probably meet new friends and eventually enter into the punk dating scene. But if you want to be a true punk, you must first learn how to be one with the right attitude and personality that would reflect this mindset.

This makes me wonder what kind of music Joaqui will be listening to in the future. He likes to listen to different kinds of music and is learning to appreciate them. I wouldn't mind if he want to be a rock star someday. ; )

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