April 23, 2009

room with a view

I kept on seeing ads about Thunderbird Resorts, particularly the one here in Rizal and I never thought of checking its website until today. I think it's beautiful and I would want to spend at least one night there because it kinda looks expensive. The room with the Laguna Lake view reminded me of the lakefront home I saw from the Wilmington NC Real Estate website, which I noticed also supports the Columbus Humane Society. When I used to watch the show Dawson's Creek, I wanted a house with a large bay window overlooking great water views. It just gives me this surreal feeling of sitting on the front porch, drinking iced lemon tea and enjoying a view of the lake. 

And because of this feeling that I made a reservation at Thunderbird Resort on my birthday. At least even for a day I can relinquish that moment as if I was living in North Carolina. ; )


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