April 16, 2009

renewal and remodeling

We were contacted by one of Joaqui's lola, Tita Nene, from hubby's side because they are going to have their renewal of vows this August here in the Philippines and they wanted Joaqui to be the bible bearer. They will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and they will have their celebration witnessed by family and friends. I'm excited as early as now because it will be Joaqui's first time to be part of a wedding entourage.

Tita Nene wanted me to take care of the other details of the preparation because she is apparently a little stressed with the remodeling of their house. She said she thinks she hired a not so good contractor and the remodeling is behind schedule. There were even parts where they have to redo the work because it was sloppy.

She could have had a better experience if she went with a San Jose remodeling contractor, whose work speaks of excellence and quality service. Their website says it all. Their craftsmen are individually licensed and proficient with several years' experience in their trade. Their specializations include removing or adding walls, flooring, ventilation and finishing carpentry. They are well equipped to handle any type of remodeling projects backed up by Marcus Costello, who has extensive experience in both commercial and residential building. If it's not too late, maybe Tita Nene could still contact them and change contractor - fast!

I reassured Tita Nene that I will help her with the preparations since she is in U.S. and we will have a spa treatment when she comes back to relieve her stress and be ready for her big day once again. As part of our preparation, we are practicing Joaqui in holding the bible and walking on the aisle. I hope Joaqui will be ready by then. ; )

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