April 24, 2009

time for a cool change

The heat is really unbearable and although there has been rain for the past few days, it is still humid and hot. With the heat and all, Joaqui perspires a lot plus the fact that he is always running around the house. Our aircon has been overworked for the past two months and it finally gave up on us yesterday. We tried contacting a nearby technician, but he is incapable of doing the repair.

We had to look for a reliable contractor that can provide quality work and reliable service like what the Moreno Valley HVAC contractor offers. But after a thorough look of our current air conditioning unit, the contractor advised us to purchase a new unit since it will be more energy efficient and more cost effective.

This is an unexpected expense for us at this time and we are looking into a lot of good deals on air conditioner right now, and hopefully find something that will fit our budget. The installation process will take about three days and for the meantime, we are sleeping in my mom's bedroom. It's a good thing that Jeff is on night shift this week or else he will have to sleep with my brother in his room! 

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