April 14, 2009

are you stylish?

I've recently took a good look of my clothes in my closet and I think I definitely need to update some of my wardrobe. I am thinking of whether I should buy clothes that are in style today or should I stick to the basics. I am a person who goes for comfort rather than style, but then it's fun to wear clothes that are fashionable, just as long I don't look like trying too hard. I took this quiz to find out if I'm stylish enough and the results surprised me ; )

You Are Stylish

You look good, but you aren't trendy or over the top about it.

There's a good chance you know what works for you. You have an established look.

You know how to dress well, but you may have trouble breaking out of your comfort zone.

Try a new color or new accessory. Staying stylish is about trying new things and taking risks.

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