April 16, 2009

house with no steps

My first work after I graduated from physical therapy school was a volunteer at the House With No Steps (Tahanang Walang Hagdanan) and it is here where I saw how many indigenous people are in need of physical therapy services but cannot afford them. I have volunteered for a month and had to leave because I decided to take another career path.

I have had a chance to re-visit the House With No Steps and saw some of the people whom I have worked with. I saw the changes in their facility and the improvements that have come about since the last time I was there. It is their mission to assist the disabled in the physical and emotional rehabilitation and integrate them in the mainstream of society. Disabled persons are now able to participate in gainful employment and other recreational activities to uplift the standard of living.

The support provided by organizations like House With No Steps is valuable and so is the community to which they belong. Even a disabled chat where handicapped people can have a chance to meet and talk with other handicapped people can provide them the sustentation they need, which can be mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Being able to learn of other handicapped person's experiences and struggles through a chat room specifically designed for them, it can boost their morale and give them courage to take on life's challenges.

I have learned so much from my short volunteer work at the House With No Steps and it had opened my heart to become more charitable and generous, not only of material things, but of my time and my capabilities to help those in need. Although more and more disabled people are able to live independently, still the public should uphold more education and awareness concerning persons with disabilities.      



Jona said...

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