April 27, 2009

manic monday

It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday...and that is how the song goes. I can't help but sing it because today Joaqui's nanny left to attend to her sick mother in the province. It's just so sad because Joaqui has grown attached to her Ate Jane. She is not a perfect nanny/house help, but she definitely loves Joaqui and we can see it in how she takes care of him. She expressed interest in coming back when her mother is well enough, but I am not expecting it. I'm just thankful that I'm always here in the house, at least I get to take care of Joaqui while we're looking for a replacement.

It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday 'cause that's my fun day......



CHE-CHE said...

awwww...it's hard to get good nannies, especially one who'll love your kid the way you do. hope she does come back!

Genejosh said...

hope she'll be back or you'll find a good nanny that will take care of him like her other nanny..

juz dropping by..