April 20, 2009

buying a house

One of our plans eventually is to buy our own house someday. Last month we were looking for an apartment or a house for rent, but as hubby and I discussed this and has had a chance to think about it, we would rather save until we can afford to buy a property than rent. We are also looking into rent to own's but we cannot find the one that will suit our needs.

We have been referred by some of our friends to realtors, who I think are just as knowledgeable and experienced as the ones I read about Austin Realtors.  I believe that a realtor can serve us by letting us know what houses are available that meet our needs as they have access to a special database and by answering questions about the process. He or she should also help us get the best price on these properties. I have also learned that a good realtor should be competent with a good track record and an established reputation within the industry.

Since it would take quite some time before we can realize the dream of owning a home, we are doing our own research on how to a buy a house and exploring other options that might be able to help us. We are also studying all the costs that are involved in buying a home. For now, we are praying hard and working hard to make this dream a reality.  


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