April 21, 2009

mommy time is me time

My cousin Cristine invited me to a seminar at The Spa in The Fort for a launch of one of it's wellness service and she also invited me to accompany her to go shopping before the seminar. I said yes because I was free last Saturday and I also wanted to have quality mommy time for myself. I was early at our meeting place so I decided to go around and window shop when I saw a huge selection of cosmetics and makeup tools. I'm really not into makeup, but I wanted to learn more about applying the proper makeup on myself to update my look.

It has been a long time since I went shopping for makeup because the ones I use now are mostly gifts from friends or from relatives from the U.S. or Canada. They must have really thought that I needed one. I have seen a lot of really good lipsticks including the one I saw on the internet, which is the Avon Glazewear which is very light and easy to apply. It's perfect for a date with hubby and the color really makes you think of warm summer nights.

And speaking of cosmetics, I have heard a lot about organic beauty products, which has gained popularity because of increasing consumer concern for the environment, health and safety. I got Burt's Bees Head to Toe Starter Kit for myself as it contains sampler size products. We are using Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment for Joaqui, so I know it contains natural ingredients.

Since I am already in the healthy and beauty department of the store, I got my sister-in-law a Tweezerman Professional Pedicure Kit as a birthday gift since she is fond of doing her own nails. I also remembered Mylene, another sister-in-law who recently graduated from college, and bought her a compact makeup mirror as a graduation gift. I thought she will need it as she will be starting work soon.

When I thought I was done with my shopping, I saw this Bobbi Brown Pink Palette and bought if for myself as a gift since I have been working really hard for the past months. There goes all my incentive pay! But I don't really mind since looking polished will boost my self-esteem and confidence and I know I will feel good about myself.

I really believe that mommy time is a must for all moms especially those who work and/or stay at home like me. It gave me a sense of fulfillment about myself and re-energized me for another week or month of mommy and wife duties. ; )

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