April 13, 2009

be aware and be safe

Everytime I watch the news, there is always a child who gets maltreated or worse, sexually molested and it breaks my heart everytime I see this. I feel for both the child and the parent's pain and sometimes wonder why does it have to happen to children. And what strikes me most is that most of these offenders are known to the family - sometimes a neighbor, a friend or a relative. 

Today it is possible to track sex offenders and obtain detailed report, photographs and addresses of sex offenders through the internet. Activating access to the website also comes with a free child ID kit with a detailed description, finger printing record and medical concerns - information that are essential in case a child is missing. Identifying sex offenders near your area, getting their full names and aliases and conviction reports are vital information that the website can provide, and is one step further to being aware and alert. 
As a mother, the safety of my child is always an utmost concern. Having a son doesn't make me any less concerned for the danger of child sexual molestation, and the importance of awareness of our community and our surroundings is a powerful weapon. Parents and caregivers should be alert of the potential danger that our children might come in contact with, especially if they are away from home. At an early age, children should be taught not to trust strangers, not to go with someone other than their parents or guardian even if they know them, and most especially to have the presence of mind to know what to do in case they are in danger.

As a toddler, I always tell my child to be careful and to look where he is going. But more importantly I guess, I want to tell him to be aware, to be alert and to be safe. The world is not always a secured place and what we can only do is to let our children imbibe the right attitude and the smart sense to be more apt of their surroundings, not just to be careful but to be safe - always.

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