May 1, 2009

Mommy Moments - Doctor, Doctor Am I Sick?

Joaqui is not a big fan of his pediatrician ; ) I don't mean it in a bad way. Joaqui has a retentive memory, as his pediatrician says, so whenever we go to the doctor's clinic, he would cry because he always thought he would be given vaccine and in Joaqui's words, "tusok doctor." I don't have a picture of Joaqui during one of his doctor's visits, but he has a good-looking pediatrician. ; )

Joaqui has never been hospitalized or confined for any kind of illness. He seldom gets a cough or a cold. The last time he got sick was two months ago when he had gastric viral illness, but that was about it. I'm always praying for Joaqui's good health and we are thankful that our little boy is healthy.

Joaqui playing doctor.

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SASSY MOM said...

As mommies, we always pray for our children's good health. It's so hard to see them suffer. Good for Joaqui!

My Mommy Moments post is here

Beth said...

WOW! I so envy you! Joaqui is one healthy boy!!!

My kids kasi are sickly e. Kaya lahat na yata ng treatments, etc nakita ko. Minsan nga, para na kong doctor na tinatanungan ng ibang moms na kakilala ko dito about meds e. :) pero of course, I tell them to consult the doctor dapat.

take care!

Genejosh said...

that's good..he's a healthy boy!..maybe he'll be a doctor someday...cute picture of him imitating a doctor...

Chris said...

that is good to hear... thanks for being part of mommy moments! :D

Twinkie said...

Heehee! Tusok doctor! I'm glad that's all he's got to endure. :)

I'll link you Jeng. Thanks!

Beth Moreno said...

visiting your mommy moments!

good to hear that he's not really sickly. nowadays kasi...coz of the weather and the pollution...talagang magkakasakit mga bata. but that was funny ah..."tusok doctor".

hope you can visit my entry too. cheers! =)

CHE-CHE said...

it's good to hear that Joaqui is very healthy! :D

i have something for you here :)